[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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"Any ideas what this is all for?" Ted whispers as he comes to stand beside SIa.

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Sia lifts the cloth covering the table along the north wall.  Underneath can be glimpsed several weapons; ornately-carved knives, vibroblades, swords, a long bow and several steel arrows.  Notably there are no energy pistols or energy rifles.  Sia recognizes these to be in the style of the Wolfen who live in the kingdom, or at least as it was when they first came here many
decades ago. 
Along the west wall is a disc-shaped object covered in this cloth.  Underneath is what looks a lot like a table top with a slightly impressed humanoid shape, as if someone is supposed to lay on it.  Beneath it is a single supporting leg that is attached to the floor and has several attached tubes that glow with the same bluish energy flowing into it as the containers on the other wall.  Some of the tubes only glow faintly, however, and one appears to be cracked and
is completely dark. 
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