[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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Mon Nov 24 07:55:08 GMT 2008

> > [Alex]
> > Deciding to be blunt, she turns towards who was once
> Osiris, "Mr Barnabas,
> > I have to be honest with you. Magic I am nervous
> around but something like
> > this screams against everything I know. Perhaps you
> should tell me more?"
> > [/Alex]
> [Osiris/Barnabas]
> "I'm not sure." Osiris says, though the voice
> is quite unlike him.  "I...
> I... remember the Temple of Rath-iren... S'talza and I
> managed to find our
> way, but I was captured.  There was such pain, I cannot
> describe it, and
> then, it's like I awoke from a deep darkness.  Om over
> there woke me up, I
> think, but I don't feel right.  He explained to me that
> there is another in
> this body, a brave man named Osiris."
> [/Osiris/Barnabas]
> [Amanda]
> "I vote right now for leaving him behind." Amanda
> says, seeming to grow even
> more serious.  "Something or someone placed this Mr.
> Barnabas in Osiris's
> mind.  I know a little from the vision I had, that Mr.
> Barnabas was an enemy
> of this K'murd-faka, but I think it's pretty clear
> that tomb on the island
> back there was compromised.  I would go to the ends of the
> earth with
> Osiris, but whatever has happened to him makes him
> unreliable."
> [/Amanda]
> [GM]
> Om nods sadly.  "Whatever your choice, you must leave
> soon.  The demon's
> scouts are nearby."
> [/GM]
Talas casts sense evil. And then walks over to Sia. "Lady Sialillion my I see your ring hand please."

- If Sia is obliging Talas will try to sense if there is evil about the ring or not.

- If there is evil about the ring then Talas will tell the group that He does not trust the ring and that he fears for Sialillions' soul.

- If there is no evil about the ring, then Talas will thank Lady Sialillion for the indulgence and turn his attention to Osiris.

"I am sorry my friends but were I come from It is not uncommon for a Vile Spirit to inhabit a body and claim to be an agent of light. I say we leave Sir. Osiris here."

-If Talas senses evil within Osiris Talas will in a loud and commanding voice say "The spirit within Osiris is an imposter. I can smell its tant. You will get no quarter from a Daemon Queller vile Spirit! Hold Him down so wile I exersise this vile spirit!"

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