[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

Alex Bayne hayden.bayne at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 02:59:39 BST 2008

The lady elf standing nearby is about six feet tall, skinny, long- 
limbed, and naturally beautiful even for her race, despite a wardrobe  
of rumpled traveling gear.   Her skin is pale and flawless, with long  
and wavy coal black hair, a slightly upturned nose, and pretty sea  
green eyes, currently contorted into a scowl.  (note: pb 60% charm/ 
impress) She's wearing an ankle-length black cloak covered in ashy  
stains, with a mottled white and grey fur lining on the inside.   
Underneath the cloak a chitinous matte black breastplate with matching  
arm and leg guards, possibly made from fury beetle shell, can be  
seen.   A tattoo of what looks like a black tentacle curls up her neck  
from underneath the breastplate, ending just behind her right ear.    
She currently has a Wilk's 447 laser rifle (also black) aimed squarely  
at this new stranger.

The woman's stance is slightly shaky though, her eyes and posture  
clearly betraying that she is suffering from exhaustion.  Whatever her  
part in the events of this evening, they have clearly pushed her  
beyond her limits, but she is soldiering on regardless.  Sialillion  
does her best to stare Owen down, but she's blinking away the sleep,  
looking edgy and tired.

"You're lucky to still have your head, sneaking up on us like that-  
we've had quite enough surprises for one day!" she bellows at Owen.   
"Now, if you want us to trust you worth a damn and not simply have you  
locked up for trespassing on the King's armory, you'll tell us exactly  
what brought you here and why you were looking for us."

On Sep 21, 2008, at 2:42 PM, Kitsune wrote:

> [Alex]
> The red haired woman is wearing Coalition body armor and is carrying a
> heavy rifle. She looks over this new person. "You were told to meet  
> us?"
> [/Alex]
> A Gardner wrote:
>> [Stranger]
>> "My, it seems that  you are all a jumpy lot.    Here I am, enjoying a
>> nap, and y'all come in with at least 4 weapons trained on little old
>> me.  But, then again, being jumpy might be a good way to stay alive
>> if you might be the ones I was told to meet."
>> Smiling wryly, he asks "Was it you all that made those ley lines  
>> move?
>> Pretty nifty trick.
>> My name is Owen.  What brings you here?"
>> OOC:  Good to be here!
>> [/Stranger]

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