[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > > [Talas]
> > > Talas sits back away from the front wind screen and then
> > > quietly speaks into the com.  "My friends if this is an Elvin
> > > enclave. My I suggest that Lady Sialilliona and I speak for
> > > us. It my look better if it appears that we are lead by Fellow
> > > elves. Lady Sialillion, if there are no objections, my I also
> > > suggest that the oldest of us take lead with the council."
> > > [/Talas]

> > [Amanda]
> > Amanda nods in agreement.
> > [/Amanda]

> > [Louissa]
> > Louissa also agrees.
> > [/Louissa]

> > [Alister]
> > Alister simply shrugs.  "Better you than me." he says over
> > the channel.
> > [/Alister]

> > > [Ted]
> > > "What is the toll?" Ted asks.
> > > [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > Lady Assara spends a moment looking at the vehicles and other
> > equipment.  "If you are not carrying any trade goods, 100 credits
> > per person and 200 credits per vehicle."
> > [/GM]

> > > [Ted]
> > > "What if we cannot or do not pay?" He tries to keep his tone
> > > non-threatening.
> > > [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > "Then you cannot pass this way, and must take your chances by
> > some other route." the elf replies.
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos watches the proceedings but says nothing. He will follow
> the group into the town if they agree.
> [/Carlos]

> [Koba]
> Koba keys the mic on the scrambled channel. "I would say
> staying the night may be better. If we didn't know they were
> even here, they may be able to provide much more
> information on what is in the immediate area, but lets get
> moving again as soon as we can."
> [/Koba]

"Alright," Amanda says, "but let's watch what we say and do.
I don't think these guys are inviting us out of the goodness
of their hearts."

> [Alex]
> Alex does not speak Elven so she cannot respond in their
> language. Instead, she states in American, "I have some skills
> as a mechanic and can also repair weapons and armor, of
> course only non-magical weapons. Perhaps I could work on
> some repairs to help pay our toll?"
> [/Alex]

The Elfen woman looks at Sia.  "If it comes to that, then yes,
your skills might be very useful."

> [Sia]
> Sialillion has been quiet through the early proceedings, but when
> called upon she nods.  "Very well.  I will try to sort this out."
> [/Sia]

> [Talas]
> Talas gets out of the ATV and follows Sia's lead.
> [/Talas]

> [Sia]
> Approaching the horsemen, Sialillion speaks to them in Elven:
> "Kindred, I am Lady Sialillion of Poughkeepsie, advisor to our King.
> A great evil is rising to the south.  I know this has been a dark time
> and that not all travelers are to be trusted, but I assure you on my
> honor that our cause is just.  Indeed, the fate of all nations in this
> region, perhaps even the entire world, hangs in the balance.  Acting
> as the King's emissary, I pray that you allow us to pass through your
> lands without delay.  I will speak with your council if necessary."
> [/Sia]

The Elf bows first to Sia and then to Talas and says "Greetings,
kinswoman and kinsman." in Elvish.

"We know of your kingdom only by name." she says simply.  "We
have not had time to send an envoy.  It is well that the king of your
realm has sent such an important person as yourself."  She looks
at the rest of the company, "Although, the rest of your guard is
very... odd.  Come, then, Lady Sialillion of the Kingdom of
Poughkeepsie, and those with you."

She waves to her comrades and they ride closer surrounding
the company's flanks, but showing no particular hostility, just
grim-faced vigilance.

The company is lead down the road to the rough concrete wall.
A steel gate swings open with a loud metallic squeak, revealing
in better detail the town that lies beyond.

The houses, mainly rough-sawn wood, though some are brightly
painted, give the town a somewhat rustic, frontier look.  The town
is divided into quarters by two streets that intersect.  At the
intersection is a small town square with a few young saplings
planted amongst grass that is surprisingly green for this time of

The Elves lead the company to a large house, simple log house,
two storeys high with a white flag with the emblem of two white
trees flapping in a light breeze.  At the door of the house six
guards in silver armor stand at attention, saluting as Lady Assara
mounts the steps.

The door swings wide to reveal a great hall, with exquisite hangings
on the walls.  In the midst of the room are seven elves sitting on
simple wooden seats.  Five of the elves are men, three are women.
Two of the men look very old, even for elves, and one of the woman
seems of similar age.  The rest look much younger.

"Lords and Ladies of the Council," Lady Assara says, "I present to
Lady Sialillion, Emissary of the King of Poughkeepsie, and her
retainers and guards."

"Retainers and guards....?" the Technowizard says quietly.

The oldest of the Elves stands up and bows.  "Welcome, Lady
Sialillion.  It gladdens our hearts to see a neighbor recognize us.
It is a great honor."

He turns to the rest of the company.  "The rest of you are
welcome, too.  Such an assemblage of warriors has not been
seen since our... relocation."

"This is, I hope, the beginning of a fruitful friendship between
our dear Republic and your Kingdom.  We hope for trade and
mutual defense, so that our realms will be all the stronger.
The realm of Poughkeepsie is known by us to be a great power
in these lands, and..."

One of the other members of the Council, a tall Elvish man in
rough-sewn leather clothes leaps up.  "That is enough, Esrain!"
he shouts.  "These people are not fools, and even if they are,
I certainly cannot sit here and listen to you prattle on!"  He then
shouts a most vulgar Elvish curse, comparing the old man to a
fornicator of a rodents.

"Strangers, we need your help." he says.  "Our sage says that
you are strangers from lands much more distant than this, and
that you have the protection of a strange and ancient goddess."

Another of the Council, another old Elf, breaks down.  "It has our
children, and it has said that unless we deliver you to it, they
will die.  We are not villains, and we will not force your hand,
but please, in the name of all decency, you must help us!"

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