[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Owen, T ed and Louissa

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Thu Jun 4 20:34:02 BST 2009

> > [GM]
> > Owen and Ted quickly discover the source of the arrows is a small island
> > in the swamp.  Cleverly hidden among a thicket of trees are two of the
> > dwarves, firing nasty looking cross bows.  One of them spots the two
> > adventurers, and fires a bolt at Owen [Strike: 3].  The bolt misses,
> > hitting the water, and there's an explosion of steam.
> >
> > Though the two are temporarily blinded, they clearly hear shouts from
> > the rest of the landing party, and then the LOUD beating of wings.
> > The steam is blown away, and they're looking right into the obsidian-black
> > eyes of the pterodactyl-like creatures that serve the demon.
> > [/GM]

> [Owen]
> Seeing the approaching pterodactyl, will throw a Fireball at the beast's chest.
> [Strike: 10]
> [Owen]

The fireball strikes the flying creature's chest [Damage: 30].  The pterodactyl
screeches but backs away, a nasty burn mark on its chest.  It recoils, and
then, with a mad rush of wings, springs forward, straight at Owen.

> [Ted]
> Ted dives into the nearest puddle that appears deep enough to hide in and
> then readies his rifle to take out the flying monster. [Strike: 11]
> [/Ted]

The flying creature, so intent on Owen, takes Ted's burst full on
[Damage: 60].  The shot hits close to Owen's own, and literally tears
into the creature's rib cage.  The creature groans, beats its wings,
trying to flee, and then falls into the water.

> [Ted]
> Ted turns his attention on the Dwarves, and demands their surrender,
> if possible.
> [/Ted]

The two dwarves drop their weapons, put their hands in the air.  One
of them says in very broken American "Vee vill suwender, yes."

In moments, the rest of the landing party has surrounded them.  One
of the party, a young man looks admiringly at Ted and Owen.  "You guys
kick some serious ass!" he says in a very North American accent.

An older man, African by his appearance, but with half his face cybernetic
walks up.  "I agree." he says in an accent somewhere between Scottish
and Bantu.  "You two would make an excellent compliment to our crew.
Our people need brave and resourceful individuals such as yourselves."

Suddenly, Alex's voice crackles of Owen and Ted's radios.

> [Alex]
> "I just had something extremely weird happen. Some witch appeared.
> Something then seemed to take her away."
She then proceeds to give them a quick run down of the witch melting
a path through the forest to some ruins in the distance.
> [/Alex]

At that moment, there is a screech overhead.  Another pterodactyl
flies over, not more than a hundred feet in the air.  A few people in
the landing party fire at it, but it's moving too fast for a decent shot
[OOC: it must be moving at least 150mph], as it heads eastward
towards the battle.

Within moments, the swamp is alive with sound.  Dozens of the
blue dwarves can be glimpsed running westward, towards the
hill where Alex is currently guarding the vehicles.  None of the
creatures are even paying the landing party any heed, and the
two captured blue dwarves squirm violently as several people
try to tie them up.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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