[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex, Owen, Ted and Koba

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> > [Osiris]
> > Suddenly Osiris, who has stood silent and seemingly unknowing through
> > all of this speaks.  "You must go there." he says in a strange, stiff voice.
> > "It is your destiny."
> >
> > "Please." Osiris says, in his old voice.  "I can't explain it, Alex, but we
> > have to go.  Lady Frost is there.  You've got to tell the others to move
> > quickly."
> > [/Osiris]

> [Alex]
> Shaking her head, the scout states, "Well, seems crazy but I will try.
> Do you need me to carry you?" She thinks she is nuts for considering this.
> She will radio to the others, "Osiris wants us to follow this path down
> here."
> The Coalition Scout turned mercenary then starts walking down the path.
> Does her sixth sense go off?
> [/Alex]

"No, I'm fine." he says, before walking a few feet and then wincing in pain.
"Maybe you had better." he says with some resignation.

OOC: I'm assuming Alex carries Osiris.

Despite the path being cleared, the ground is still rough, and covered
in a layer of brownish sludge that smells like rotting vegetables.

OOC: The others (except for Talas) rejoin Alex here.

As Alex sets off down the road, Owen and Ted find their way to where
the vehicles are, followed by two of the crew of the submarine (which
Alex has no idea about), and see carrying Osiris and walking towards
the ruins in the distance.  In short order, Koba rejoins them, after having
flown over where the submarine has surfaced in the middle of the
swamp (a sight that even someone as traveled as Koba has a hard
time comprehending).

Even from this distance, they can hear the loud chugging of Talas's
rail gun.  Within moments, in the ruins of the battlefield, they see
the pterodactyl pull the demon's body apart, taking the head and
torso up into the air as it starts to race towards the ruins.

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