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"Running with Scissors"

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> I'm working on the new website, and
> it's struck me that the current
> name of the game sucks badly.  "Tao of cow" was based
> on an inside
> joke many years ago, and was the name of my BBS in the
> early and mid
> 1990s.
> So I thought, "Time for a name change!"  But rather
> than impose one
> (well, really, I will at the end anyways), I thought, why
> not ask the
> players what they thought the name should be.  Of
> course, in the
> comics, groups have names like the "Purple Space Avengers"
> or "Captain
> Trog and the Crew of Doom".  So I thought I'd elicit
> some feedback
> from you guys.
> Waddya think, what would you like to call yerselves?
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