[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter I

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>> [GM]
>> Even as the strange, beautiful woman fades, the last stones of the
>> temple fall and then there is a hush. The land seems quiet, save
>> for the faint sound of the wind whistling through the ruins.
>> And then there is a louder sound, very mechanical. Over the lip of
>> the plateau appears a large hover craft, with some sort of very
>> royal-looking emblems on it.
>> Lyle, Raven, Ted and Owen recognize the emblem, though the others
>> don't. It lands in the middle of the ruins, and a voice comes out
>> from the loudspeaker. "All ye wanting rides best be coming aboard.
>> We've got something on the scanners that don't look good."
>> Even as the voice speaks, over the horizon comes a flying shape 
>> that even the most stay-at-home of people know, a Splugorth slaver
>> ship!
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Seeing the Splugorth boat, Alex stated, "Lets get a move on."
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> "And hope this infirmary has room for two," the lizard man adds. As
> he follows Alex, he mumbles aloud, "These Splugorth sure get around."
> [/Ted]

"That they do, sir." the young crewman says.  "I suspect they've been 
off the coast and detected all the nexus activity.  They're like moths 
to a flame those ones."

> [Talas]
> Talas quickly holsters the railgun and gets in the hovercraft.
> [Talas]

> [Owen]
> Glancing around, Owen will check to see if anyone needs help getting
> to the hovercraft. "We better get on board, the quicker the better."
> Owen will move to get on the hovercraft.
> [/Owen]

> [Lyle]
> A smile crosses his face when he sees the hovercraft. He helps the 
> wounded and Osiris onto to the craft.
> "Hurry up, we got a Slaver coming!"
> [/Lyle]

> [Alex]
> Still lugging Osiris around, the red haired Coalition scout pulls off
> her helmet and shakes out sweat soaked red hair. She asks, "Is there
> an infirmary section where we can take our companion?"
> [/Alex]

"Aye, we do indeed, ma'am." says one of the crew, a young African man 
with a thick Scottish brogue.  Seeing that she is exhausted, he lifts 
Osiris up out of Lyle and Alex's hands.  When Osiris is safely on a 
seat, he salutes Lyle.  "The Captain sends her regards, Sir!  But where 
is Zandeeli, Sir Lyle?"

> [Raven]
> The drain on her body was felt like no other spell ever had. She had 
> never taken such a toll on her magical ability all at once like that.
> It felt as if she had ran a mile, or had the breath knocked out of
> her. When her allies mentioned the slaver she had stared at it for a
> few moments, as if not comprehending what she was seeing. After yet 
> another moment she shook her head and took a breath. She ran to the
> hovercraft as fast as she could!
> [/Raven]

Seeing that Raven is clearly exhausted, Carlos lends her a helping hand. 
"You're amazing!" he says.  "You saved our collective asses back there." 
  He gives her a hand up to Owen and Lyle, who hoist into the 
hovercraft, before he jumps in himself.

Even as Carlos sets foot inside the hovercraft, it takes off.  The 
pilot, seeing a Skycycle and a motorbike down below, lands just long 
enough to pick the vehicles up, by which time the Slaver isn't more than 
a half a mile.  In the distance appears to be more.  This is likely a 
Splugorth squad.

The Blind Warrior Women fire on the hovercraft, but the shots all go 
wild.  Within a minute the hovercraft has dipped down below the plateau 
and is flying over the thick mists of the swamp. After a minute or so 
those mists part to reveal a large boat floating in the midst of one of 
the larger pools of water.

As the hovercraft dips, a large opening appears in the sub, and below 
can be glimpsed an interior landing bay.  Even as the hovercraft begins 
a vertical drop, it's shaken by a blast, and then another.  Above can be 
seen the Slaver and other dimmer shapes that must also be part of this 
group.  The hover craft violently lands inside the submarine's hold, 
jarring everyone in the process.  The door above quickly closes, but not 
before a few stray bolts of energy manage to get through, causing smoke 
and damage.

Within moments, everyone is escorted out of the crippled hovercraft and 
into the hold, which is actually surprisingly small (no more than about 
fifteen feet wide and twenty five feet long).  Klaxons are sounding as 
they make their way out of the hold and into the narrow corridors that 
wend through the boat.

All of them are suddenly greeted by a rather shocking-looking man-sized 
insectoid creature.  "Ah, welcome back Ted and Owen, and to you to Raven 
and Sir Lyle." the creature says in a cultured English accent.  "To the 
rest of you, let me introduce myself.  I'm Dr. Zazbrurr, ship's surgeon 
aboard the HMS Deapthbreaker.  Don't worry, I'm skilled in all manner of 
humanoid physiology.  All of you will be pleased to know that one of 
your fellow adventurers, a young woman, is doing well.  That is, if we 
make it through simultaneous attack by Splugorth Minions and that 
dreadful tentacled monster below."

Dr. Zazbrurr immediately lays Osiris down.  He turns his attention away 
long enough to look at the others.  "You all need rest." he says.  "I'm 
afraid that's going to have to wait.  If any of you have any serious 
injuries, say so now, or wait until after we get out of this particular 

Anyone who doesn't speak up is quickly herded along by a couple of stern 
officers.  Even as they make their way through the narrow corridors, the 
submarine is violently shaken.  Lights temporarily dim, then light up.

"Sir Lyle," one of the crewmen says, "I know you would like to be at the 
weapons right now, but the Captain's orders are to remain with the 
guests."  With that they are lead into a small well-lit cabin, with four 
bunks and three cots sitting in the middle of the floor, leaving barely 
enough room to squeek around.  The only adjoining room is a very small 
bathroom with a toilet, sink and a show barely big enough to move one's 
arms around in.

It's in these cramped quarters that the company spends the next two 
hours.  Loud metallic bangs and crunches, and the odd strangely muffled 
blasts can be heard.  Anyone with a weak stomach would quickly find 
themselves with their heads in the small toilet.  The whole situation is 
frightening, maddening and uncomfortable all at once.

Then the door opens.  One of the crew, a young woman, comes in.  "The 
Captain wishes to see you." she says flatly, her eyes looking tired... 
and, a little creepy, like someone else is looking through them.

Aaron Clausen

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