[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

White Mist white.mist at execulink.com
Mon Mar 29 00:50:44 BST 2010

On 3/24/2010 4:48 PM, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [Raven]
>> Raven hangs on to a nearby railing and manages to stop her fall. She barely
>> hangs on to her rifle as well. When the world stops moving from under her she
>> focuses her attention on the Sunaj assassin. She has no idea how dangerous
>> that being is and so has only briefly considered her next move. She has no
>> power of her own in order to feed her magic and she would not use the PPE
>> batteries which was meant for their escape.
>> So Raven hopes that the assassin had not spotted her as of yet...
>> Raven slings her rifle and Prowls over to the Sunaj and does a Body Throw on
>> him - she means to throw him over the railing on the scaffolding...
>> [/Raven]
> [GM]
> Raven's sneak attack doesn't quite work out.  Her foot catches on a
> piece of metal,
> and she briefly pitches forward.  The Sunaj does not seem to react as she does
> her Body Throw [Strike: 4].  Unfortunately she can't seem to get her position
> right, and the Sunaj reacts with lightning speed [Strike: 18], pivoting on his
> foot and attempting to land on punch on Raven.  Raven seems to regain her
> prowess, and barely manages to dodge [Dodge: 20].
> [/GM]
> [GM]
> Seeing that Raven and the Sunaj appear to be in close combat, Owen opens
> fire on the remaining fishman [Strike: 4].  Unfortunately, his shot is no better
> than Alex's, though the fishman prudently ducks down behind some boxes.
> It's at that moment that, above the sound of gunfire and rushing water, another
> klaxon begins to sound.  The lights in the chamber begin to flicker, and then,
> after a second, everyone was is plunged into darkness.  It takes a few moments
> and then a few dull red emergency lights come on, but without optics, it's
> all but impossible to see more than ten feet in any direction.
> The water is now about ten feet below the scaffolding and still rising.  There
> is another shudder, like a major earthquake.  The scaffolding tears from the
> wall again, and while no one can see it, in the distance can be heard
> what sounds a lot like large boulders falling into the water.
> [/GM]

Raven took the opportunity to try to use the darkness to hide herself in 
a new location that she had not been before, in order to escape the 
Sunaj's attention (preference being his rear or flank; also, hopefully 
her Chameleon spell is still up). As soon as it brightened up again 
Raven cast Blinding Flash on the Sunaj.

OOC: Using her last sole remaining solitary lone 1 PPE point to do a 10 
ft Blinding Flash spell (remember that Raven has +1 spell strength to 
save vs her spells). After that, Raven will try to flee the scaffolding 
- can she go through the tunnel the Sunaj came from? If not, then it 
will have to be the water. She can't remain in a fight like this and win...

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