[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter V - England

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 18:24:32 UTC 2011

OOC: I'd like to welcome Lady Frost's player back.  And again, I 
apologize for my lateness.

Alex: 20 (not natural) and 23
Carlos: 17 and 15
Justin: 33 and 25
Koba: 11 and 21
Lady Frost: 15 and 15
Owen: 10 and 10
Osiris: 7 and 10
Ted: 21 and 18

The four missiles hit in succession [Damages: 40 MDC, 30MDC, 30MDC, 
30MDC].  Only Owen and Osiris are struck by the blast from the first 
missile, but Osiris is also hit by the second.

Of the two missiles aimed at Lady Frost, only the blast from one hits 
her, and Alex is spared from both.

Utter chaos now reigns.  There is thick smoke and fire everywhere, and 
moans of the injured.  A horse runs in front of the main company, it's 
chest literally torn open and ribs visible, all that's left of its 
riding is the torso and legs.  The smell of blood, smoke and explosives 
is everywhere.

At Alex and Lady Frost's position, it's much the same.  Lady Frost has 
taken more damage, she can handle it, and yet she's feeling the pain. 
Alex and Louissa can see nothing of their main company, but calls from 
her pursuers to each other suggest that they've abandoned her and are 
running back to the main company to offer assistance.

Louissa runs up behind Alex, baby in arm.  "We've got to help them, 
Alex.  Those jets will be coming around again and we need to get 
everyone to cover."

Back with the main company, the jets can be distantly heard coming about 
again.  For the most part everyone was lucky this time, but...

The smoke clears a bit and it reveals Sir Justin holding Osiris, armor 
in tatters, burns and blood covering his body.  The old man is clearly dead.

More death and injury are revealed.  All the knights are on the ground, 
some writhing in pain, some not moving at all.  It's hard to take in, 
but the injuries are awful.  Some of the men are running to their 
comrades to try to give what medical care they can, but with the jets 
coming about, it's more of a quick triage and those that they can judge 
likely to survive are being dragged towards the forest.

And then they see the elf, Arsandel, that they had rescued unconscious 
from the submarine.  He is surrounded in a sickening green light as his 
hands literally dive into the chest of one of the injured, a gout of 
blood spurting up as the elf begins chanting "Isus vaelius imraeus 
turani..."  Above him the air is shimmering and vibrating, and then 
there is almost a crack, like a small dimensional rift, beyond which is 
blackness, and a black, smoking six fingered clawed hand reaches through...

Aaron Clausen

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