[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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Osiris throws Justin a frowning sideways glance,  "You're a pretty
peculiar Cyberknight." he says flatly.  "We will talk later.  For now,
lad, give me a hand and let's get out of here."

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On 2011-01-29, difdi at comcast.net <difdi at comcast.net> wrote:
>> "I'm afraid I've excused what I can do with his escape sub. Im navigating
>> basically on instinct. It
>> looks like those creatures are not only after us. The whole coast looks
>> like it is bombarded. We >
>> need to get out and move onward. Justin, I'm glad you were able to help us
>> but, I think even you >
>> can't take on a ship's worth of those beasts." Seemingly exhausted, Koba
>> slumps back against >
>> the seat.
> [Justin]
> "I might manage it, but the odds aren't good, nor are the stakes desperate
> enough to risk it. I hate running into poorly educated villains, though.
> You'd think a multi-dimensional trading power would train their troops to
> recognize the dangers of disregarding a death threat from a native speaker
> of Thari with my accent. I suppose it's been a while since any of my family
> has visited Atlantis, I'll have to make a point to keep that promise I made,
> if only to prevent future troubles."
> [/Justin]

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