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>>> [GM]
>>> As the company closes the gap with the forest, they can see the
>>> villagers having some success against the Splugorth. A few
>>> fantastically lucky shots and what looks like an obscenely lucky
>>>  grenade attack take out one slaver barge, which smashes into
>>> the ground with with a loud explosion. One of the Triax power
>>> armor somehow manages to leap on to another low flying barge and
>>> is an actual hand to hand combat with the slaver. Despite what
>>> would seem sheer odds against it, the villagers are nearing the
>>> hill fort as the Slavers have no lack of difficulties trying to
>>> contain them. If they can make the fort, and if it is a
>>> well-built one, they may be able to hold out much longer than on
>>> open ground.
>>> ...
>>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin, upon witnessing this, chuckles and mutters "Karma has fangs
> today." under his breath. Those without enhance hearing are likely
> to miss it, but Osiris is close enough to hear it clearly.
> [/Justin]

Osiris gives Justin another long look, but events are transpiring too 
quickly for him to say anything.

>>> [GM]
>>> ... Owen does not have a lot of time and so moves more northward.
>>> The forest becomes less dense in this direction, and there are
>>> larger clearings, and even a few small houses. All have been
>>> abandoned, some have been burnt and here are there are roving
>>> bands of Splugorth minions. The only safe path seems through the
>>> woods, though perhaps to the south to avoid the black-robed
>>> horsemen.
>>> By the time Owen returns to his body, the company is now on the
>>> edge of the forest itself.
>>> [/GM]

>> [GM]
>> As Owen becomes to regain consciousness, Ted suddenly looks quite
>> ill. His legs crumple, he seems to lose control of his arms, and
>> crumples to the ground, dropping Owen, who falls to the ground with
>> a thud.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man shivers violently. Owen has to get pretty close to
> hear his companion moaning, "No... no... no..."
> [/Ted]

> [Owen]
> After gathering himself, Owen wil pull himself off of the forest
> floor, and move to check on Ted, and see what he can do to hilp him
> out. "We need to veer to the south into the woods. We want to avoid
> those black riders if we can."
> [/Owen]

> [Koba]
> Can you help Ted along Owen? If these riders are headed our way, we
> can't be here when they arrive. I'm afraid they might assume we are
> part of the invasion. Everyone keep an ear out for any sounds of
> horses. If we need to go south, we should get moving." Koba will
> unslung his rifle and begin to move south.
> [/Koba]

At that moment, Justin staggers and then passes out, and now Osiris 
tumbles to the ground.

> [Alex]
> Alex's voice crackles again over the radio. "Is there anybody
> missing?"
> [/Alex]

"Negative, Alex." Osiris says, rolling himself over.  "But I think we've 
got some sort of a plague.  Ted fell over, and seems to be raving, and 
now our new companion, Justin, seems to have lost consciousness.  We've 
got problems here.  I think you and Louissa better meet up with us and 
fast!  Over."

The situation now seems problematic again.  On top of the three 
unconscious people the company has, along with Osiris who cannot walk, 
now Ted and Justin are down; six people in total.  That leaves Carlos, 
Owen and Koba the only people who are conscious and can move.  Alex and 
Louissa are still an unknown distance away.

It's at this point that the company can hear the beating of hooves 
coming from the forest.

Osiris pulls himself down.  "We don't know whether these guys Owen saw 
are good or bad.  Let's not open fire, but let's be ready."

Osiris radios Alex.  "Alex, we can here horesmen approaching.  Owen did 
some psychic recon and there looks like a lot of of 'em.  We need 
assistance ASAP!"

At that point Justin regains consciousness, but feels absolute bone 
weary, like he's run non-stop for a few hours.  He can, at least, offer 
his new companions some assistance.

Ted becomes more aware of his surroundings as well, and though he feels 
very weak, some of his strength, and his senses, are returning.

All the company can do now is dig in as the horses approach. Out of the
woods bursts eight masked men on horses. Three of the horses are robotic
or cyberhorses, and the other five are well-armored but normal-looking
horses. The masked riders are dressed in black cloaks, but here and
there can be glimpsed silvery armor underneath.

One of the figures on a regular horse, a massive battle horse in
impressive-looking armor, trots forward. "Declare yourselves
immediately. You have entered Lostwithiel without leave of the King,
Duke or Warden. Speak quickly or die. We have no time, for there are
Splugorth who seem to desire death."

There are a lot of guns aimed at the company.

OOC: If this is inappropriate for Justin's player at this point, let me 
know.  I just like to use as much of player posts as possible.

> [Justin]
> Justin glances around wearily and answers "The name of your realm
> strikes me as apt, as I at least am quite lost. I am a knight, I
> hold no enmity for anyone, save those who seek to wreak injustice
> and evil. But be warned, while I come as a friend to those who would
> be friends, I am also a worthy foe, if you should so choose."
> [/Justin]

The leading horseman pulls back his mask, revealing a handsome 
clean-shaven, dark-haired man in his late 20s or early 30s.  There is a 
look of cold confidence about him.  He does not seem cruel, but he seems 
ready to dispatch any and all of the company if they should prove to be 

"Your words are brave, Sir Knight," he says, "but you have the look of a 
man who has burned the candle too low.  Beyond that you have many 
injured here, so while I'm sure you would make a good account of 
yourself, I think the battle would prove brief."

He then notices one of the crew of the boat that the company had 
rescued.  "That's one of ours." the knight says.  "From the Coastal 
Watch.  How did you come by him?  Speak quickly."

OOC: As a reminder, the man, who was called Captain by his men, was 
rescued from the sinking boat.

Aaron Clausen

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