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> At that point Justin regains consciousness, but feels absolute bone 
> weary, like he's run non-stop for a few hours. He can, at least, offer 
> his new companions some assistance. 

> OOC: If this is inappropriate for Justin's player at this point, let me 
> know. I just like to use as much of player posts as possible. 

OOC: No, that's just about right. Justin tends to recover from fatigue rather quickly, though he'll probably not be up to more than moderate physical exertion for a while. 

> "Your words are brave, Sir Knight," he says, "but you have the look of a 
> man who has burned the candle too low. Beyond that you have many 
> injured here, so while I'm sure you would make a good account of 
> yourself, I think the battle would prove brief." 

> He then notices one of the crew of the boat that the company had 
> rescued. "That's one of ours." the knight says. "From the Coastal 
> Watch. How did you come by him? Speak quickly." 

Justin replies "I arrived in these lands yesterday, and spent part of the night in his town as a guest of one of the townsfolk. I helped fight off an attack by I still don't know what in the middle of the night. Then the Watch detected a distress signal, and I accompanied Captain Wright aboard one of the town's boats to investigate. That's when the Splugorth arrived, and sank the boat. These others were the ones who were sending the signal. Since then, we've been a bit busy just keeping our heads down and trying to get far enough away from the Splugorth to treat our wounded." 

Justin is mostly recovered from his collapse, at least physically, though mentally will require at least some sleep. He pulls himself to his feet, and helps Osiris up, assuming someone else hasn't yet. 

Justin says to the lead rider (the one who addressed the group) "My name is Justin Ichijo, of the line of Benedict, Baron of Coldpoint and Cyberknight. Who might you be, sir?" 

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