[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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>>> [Vesper]
>>> "The fey have knighted me but, I am more sorcerer and a Lord
>>> from the Courts. I am not a cyberknight though I do know this
>>> ring is to show those whoe were the allies of a noble and great
>>> warrior of that order who fell recently. If you recognize this
>>> ring then you are the ones I seek, and I shall let you keep it in
>>> memory of your friend. You look to have a great fondness in your
>>> memories for him." He looked to her armor, "Are you a soldier in
>>> the Coalition army Miss Hawk? being unsure of her marital status.
>>> "I recognize the armor."
>>> [/Vesper]

> [Justin]
> Justin twitches more than a bit when Vesper says that.
> [/Justin]


>>  [GM]
>> The party and their knight companions are quickly underway,
>> picking their way through the trees in the direction that the
>> faeries had commanded. With some relief, they hear the sounds of
>> the faeries recede, heading it seems southward and away from the
>> company.
>> After perhaps fifteen minutes, more weapons' fire can be heard to
>> the west. It's some distance, but not that far away, perhaps half
>> a mile or so.
>> And then quite suddenly there is a whistle. The knight shouts
>> "Something's coming our way! Find cover!"
>> The sound of a vehicle can be heard approaching and then in the
>> distance headlights can be seen. Somewhere someone shouts out
>> "Halt! Identify yourself!"
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin calls back "I'm Sir Justin Ichijo. Who are you?"
> [/Justin]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper takes cover when the other knights mention company. He casts
> energy field to provide protection for himself and others who might
> wish to use it as a shield wall.
> He tries to get sight of the beings who were making these demands.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Quietly, Alex will disappear under cover, her rifle ready to fire if
> needed.
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> Ted follows Alex example, but moves to the opposite side of the
> group.
> [/Ted]

One of the knights leans over to Justin.  "The man calling out is one of 
ours, I think." he says.  "If I'm reading it right, one of ours is 
spotted intruders."  As he says this, he eases back like Alex and Ted, 
weapon at the ready.

The oncoming vehicle lurches to halt perhaps twenty feet away, its 
headlights illuminating the forest.  Another voice shouts out, this one 
very nervous, but in a somewhat aristocratic English accent.  "Do not 
shoot!  It is I, the Baron of New Bournemouth!  We are fleeing Kittani 

The commanding knight shouts out "Alright, Baron.  But we have to 
confirm your identity, so could you and anybody with you step out of the 
vehicle, hands in the air?"

The knight then motions to everyone, "Keep weapons trained.  This could 
be a trap."  He stands up and begins walking towards the vehicle.

It's at that moment that someone else whispers "Do you hear that?"  In 
the distance can be heard a buzzing sound.  It is quickly recognized as 
some sort of hover cycles, maybe four or five hundred feet away.

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