[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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> One of the knights leans over to Justin. "The man calling out is one of 
> ours, I think." he says. "If I'm reading it right, one of ours is 
> spotted intruders." As he says this, he eases back like Alex and Ted, 
> weapon at the ready. 

> It's at that moment that someone else whispers "Do you hear that?" In 
> the distance can be heard a buzzing sound. It is quickly recognized as 
> some sort of hover cycles, maybe four or five hundred feet away. 

OOC: My action assumes we're in the open. Disregard the headache-inducing aspect if we're indoors. 

Justin crouches a bit, then jumps over 60' straight up into the air. At the apex, he'll look in the direction of the buzzing noise. If the hovercycles are Splugorth, he'll quick-draw his cannon and shoot at the lead hovercycle. If they're not Splugorth, or he can't see them, or in any event after his shot, gravity proceeds to run its course, dropping him neatly back to the spot he just vacated on the ground. 

Strike: 17+6=23 (non natural) . 
Damage: 50 MDC. 
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