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OOC: Sorry about my lack of posting, I've had all kinds of things slam me at once, among them multiple fillings needing repairs, doctor appointments, hackers got my debit card, scrambling to keep recurring payments that used to be on my debit card from lapsing, etc. 

> One of them turns to the company. "We must hasten northward to New 
> Camelot. Will you come to be judged. We shall speak in your defense 
> and tell how you fought the Splugorth? You have among you a noble from 
> across the Ocean. We can also tend to your injured." 

> "We will not prevent you from going your way." he says. "Indeed we could 
> not. But it is the law of our land that those who walk in it seek the 
> leave of the King or His lords." 

> "Why would I want to go to be judged?" Alex responds. "Seems like there 
> is a lot to lose and little to gain that way. My understanding is that 
> the New German Republic is somewhere to the south of here. I have never 
> been there but there is a lot of information available about them in the 
> Coalition." 

Justin leans in closer to Alex and says in a low tone "Introducing yourself to the local ruler is just polite, even if you haven't shot at his people. But consider: You'll be judged one way or another, whatever you do. Whether in person where you can explain yourself, or an unopposed accusation. Running makes you look guilty, and speaking for myself, I'd rather not end up as a fugitive from the Good Guys, if I can possibly avoid it. That sort of thing tends to force you to kill people you don't want to kill. If worse comes to worst, and justice isn't done, I'll break you out. While I'm certainly no God, nothing short of the measures that would contain one can keep me in or out of somewhere I really want to be. And I can take passengers." 

OOC: Justin will follow along with the group in general, but really isn't comfortable with dodging the local law. We don't, after all, know whether or not the locals are just and fair. Assuming they're not is just as bad as assuming they are, but Justin really can do what he says. Unless the result of a guilty verdict is instantaneous summary execution, he could turn the walk to the gallows into a jailbreak, and odds are the bailiff wouldn't notice until it was too late. 
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