[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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Mon Sep 12 19:50:36 UTC 2011

[Round #1]

>> [Initiative]
>> Tentacle #1 - 22
>> Alex - 21 going to give Alex and Lady Frost automatic firsts (after
>> monster) for this round only.
>> Lady Frost - 21
>> Tentacle #2 - 21
>> Koba - 17
>> Owen - 17
>> Tentacle #3 - 17
>> Justin - 16
>> Carlos - 12
>> Tentacle #4 - 10
>> Louissa - 9
>> Various knights - 8
>> Father Montessoro - 7
>> Ted - automatic last because of releasing "it"
>> [/Initiative]

>> [Tentacle #1]
>> The first tentacle strikes out at Koba with one of its massive
>> tentacles, as he is the first to exit the tunnel [Strike: Natural
>> 20]
>> [/Tentacle #1]

>> [Koba]
>> Koba miracously manages to leap out of the way of the tentacle
>> [Dodge: Natural 20!].
>> [/Koba]

>>> [Alex]
>>> The ranger carefully aims her rifle at one of the tentacles and
>>> fires a three round burst. [Strike: 14]
>>> Her thoughts are that at least this might make up for having shot
>>> at them in the first place although she is careful to not
>>> verbally say it.
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Alex's shot hits the tentacle that had attacked Koba [Damage:
>> 20MD]. The tentacle is hit, and there is some damage, but
>> apparently not enough to stop it.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Lady Frost]
>>> With that, Frost will wait just long enough for there to be a
>>> break in the scout's firing, then leap down at one of the black
>>> tentacles, planting her feet below it and, gripping it firmly,
>>> will attempt to rip the thing apart. [Strike: 1 - critical
>>> failure]
>>> [/Lady Frost]

>> [GM]
>> Lady Frost's leap goes horribly wrong as she catches her toe and
>> falls to the ground below with a loud "thud!" While she is not
>> injured, she is a bit dazed.
>> [/GM]

>> [Tentacle #2]
>> A tentacle flings itself at Frost [Strike: 18], but she is unable
>> to dodge [Dodge: 9], and it wraps itself around her body. Even
>> Frost, for all her strength, finds this a powerful grip.
>> [/Tentacle #2]

>> [Owen]
>> Owen fires a multi-round burst on the nearest tentacle [Strike: 20
>> not natural].
>> [/Owen]

>> [Tentacle #3]
>> Somehow the tentacle senses the attack and tries to dodge [Dodge:
>> 9], but the burst hits it about half way down its length [Damage:
>> 24MD]. The tentacle is visibly damaged, but presses the attack,
>> driving towards Justin as he comes to the mouth of the cave...
>> [/Tentacle #]

> [Justin]
> Justin sprints towards the pool and dives into it, attempting to
> dodge tentacles as he goes. Once in the pool, he attempts to locate
> the thing's brain and attack it.
> [/Justin]

Justin dodges a tentacle [Strike: 17, Dodge: 25] and leaps into the 
pool.  The water is murky and agitated, but he can clearly see the large 
teeth, some at least two feet long and on close inspection looking very 
much like steel.  Justin cannot get any appreciation of the shape of the 
body, for its big.  Maybe ten feet deeper he can see what may be an eye, 
a large oval at least a foot wide with a large black spot in the middle. 
  He'll have to dive deeper if he wants to get a better view.

Carlos fires on a tentacle [Strike: 12], hitting it [Damage: 14MD].  The 
tentacle, injured, still presses the attack.

Louissa fires a shot at the Tentacle that Carlos had hit [Strike: 4], 
but misses and hits the floor nearby.

[Various Knights]
Several of the knights fire or hack at the nearest tentacles [Combined 
Damage: 64MD].
[/Various Knights]

[Father Montessoro]
For the first time the rest of the team see the newcomer.  Dressed in 
somewhat odd-looking Medieval styled-armor, the exposed face is that of 
a wolf.  Some will immediately recognize this creature as a Wolfen.  He 
leaps to Lady Frost's aid, vibro-sword in hand and plunges it into the 
tentacle that has seized her [Strike: 17, Damage: 11MD].

The tentacle holds its grip on to Lady Frost but whips back and forth 
and sens the wolfen flying against a wall.
[/Father Montessoro]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man pulls himself free of the crone's grasp, and draws
> his sword before charging the tentacles from as far to the left as
> he can. He hopes to divert some of the creatures attention from the
> others while striking an unprotected side [Strike: 9].
> [/Ted]

The little girl laughs as Ted runs forward as he lunges at the left-most 
tentacle.  The tentacle makes no move to dodge and Ted plunges the sword 
into it [Damage: 7MD].

The creature seems to be giving up the ghost, with so many opponents. It 
is retracting its tentacles back into the water.

[Round #2]

Alex fires another burst at the tentacle that has Lady Frost [Strike: 
Natural 20!]

Alex's perfect shot strikes the tentacle about mid-way down its length 
[Damage: 140MD!].  It literally severs the tentacle, the half with Lady 
Frost held fast falls to the ground with a loud "whumph!".  The other 
half, spraying dark green blood all over the place, quickly retreats 
back to the pool.  There is a screaming roar that shakes the cavern.

Victory seems near now as the other tentacles withdraw.  The only 
problem seems to be Justin, who is now trapped as tons of tentacle rush 
into the pool pushing him down...

OOC: Combat continues with Lady Frost next...

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