[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole OOC

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On 09/21/2011 18:47, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> OOC: I don't have the info on SAMAS depths in front of me (maybe it's 
> in Rifts: Underseas), but as Justin was several hundred feet below the 
> water when he met most of the party, I'd say he's got a ways more to 
> go before he has to worry about crushing depths.  He does, however, 
> have to worry about crushing tentacles...
ooc: Any parts of the creature still within reachable range for Alex?

To the blade she asks, "Curious, could eat the soul of that thing and 
kill it."
At the same time, she is thinking 'Boy am I insane.'

If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope of reward,
then we are a sorry lot indeed -
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