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Gathers power at the pyramid to open some communication rifts to speak with people in the americas to see if they are under attack by
Atlantis as well. 

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>> [GM]
>> Once everything has been decided, Mrrlyn (somewhat disturbingly)
>> reappears before being called for. When he learns that Louissa will
>> be going with Ted, he instructs the two of them to surrender all
>> weapons and other important belongings to their compatriots. The
>> knights reappear and flank Louissa and Ted, and lead them further
>> into the Enchanter's sanctum. The rest of the company are shown out
>> of the pyramid and back on to the street.
>> They find Father Montessoro outside talking with the female guard,
>> the Wolfen priest keeping one eye on the little girl who is giggling
>> while a small pebble flies in circles around her head.
>> The priest sees his companions and sighs. "Alas, so Mrrlyn did take
>> your friend, Ted, and one other too, I see. The one named Louissa,
>> as I recall. Well let us hope they're imprisonment is a short one.
>> This knight was just telling me that the King will see you around
>> midnight, and so she has suggested that she take you where you need
>> to go and then return you to the Palace when the King is ready."
>> He beckons to the female knight. "This is Lady Amathea, a Knight of
>> New Camelot. Lady Amathea, these are the people who rescued our
>> soldiers from the clutches of the hated Splugorth minions. I must
>> contact my superiors, but perhaps we shall meet later."
>> With that the priest bows and walks quickly towards a small stone
>> building in the distance, with stained glass windows and a cross
>> atop it.
>> [/GM]

>> [Lady Amathea]
>> The knight bows herself. "As the priest said, the King will see you
>> in a few hours. Can I show you the quarters that have been prepared
>> for you, or perhaps you would like something to eat? We have time
>> for both."
>> [/Lady Amathea]

> [Oz]
> "I already know where my quarters are, lady knight. And I can conduct
> my companions to the guest quarters if need be. But we could use a
> guide to find the consulate of the kingdom of Poughkipsee. Do you
> happen to know where that is?"
> [/Oz]

"You are looking for the Embassy Street." she says. She points up the road. "It is past the palace, and first street to the right. I believe the Ambassador of Poughkeepsie's is at Number 5. If you like I can escort you."

> [Vesper]
> Vesper heads out into Camelot to regain his energies. Still fatigued
> from the pronto rift he opened and in need of some restoration for
> him to communicate with some friends in North America he decides to
> look for any nearby ley lines in the area.
> [/Vesper]

The pyramid is beneath a nexus point. There is no better place to regain his strength.

[Lady Amathea]
Lady Amathea sees Vesper's exhaustion. "Sir, your are taxed. I can see that clearly. I can see that you are lead to your quarters for some rest."

She whistles loudly and another knight comes running up. "Yes m'lady!" he says breathlessly.

"I think this man needs rest." she replies. Turning to Vesper she says "Sir Godfrey will take you to your quarters if you like."
[/Lady Amathea]

> [Alex]
> "Everybody needs to be safe," Alex responds. "Louise, Ted, do either
> of you have radios to check with us? Real sorry I cannot stay."
> [/Alex]

Alex gets no reply from Ted, but Louissa replies after a moment. "I'm sitting in a rather cozy apartment. I think there's a guard at the door, but I'm not sure. If this is a prison, I hope I'm sentenced to life!"

> [Alex]
> Once she finished with her good byes, Alex will go to the embassy to
> pass the message along and then see about shopping for ammunition and
> mini-radios for anybody who needs one.
> [/Alex]

OOC: I'll leave it up to Vesper to decide whether to continue with the company or seek some quiet time.

Lady Amathea leads those that decide to seek out the embassy up the street, past the pyramid complex and the palace and to a row of ornate houses. There are about two dozen houses, all narrow but three storeys high at least, with fine marble carvings of men and beasts.

Alex immediately recognizes Number 5 Embassy Street to be much like the buildings she saw all those weeks ago in New Poughkeepsie; Louissa's homeland. It's marble statues are of a huntsmen and a bull. Two guards in foreign-looking armor, clearly of Coalition manufacture, or at least modeled on Coalition armor, but modified, stand at attention.

[Lady Amathea]
Lady Amathea salutes the guards. "These people are here to deliver a message to the Ambassador. They are the King's guests and can be trusted."
[/Lady Amathea]

The guards nod, and swing open the doors, beckoning the company inside. The inside of the embassy is lushly decorated, with red carpets, wood paneled walls, a chandelier of silver and crystal above. A wide spiral staircase leads up to the next floor.

One of the guards instructs "Wait here." and then goes to a side door, knocking loudly. A moment later an old man in a suit appears. The guard speaks to him quietly and he nods in return.

The man approaches the company. "I understand you have a message for his Eminence. Might I inquire as to what it pertains?"

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