[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - The Enchanter

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Wed Jan 4 19:24:05 UTC 2012

> "Someone is missing." he says, almost sounding slightly irritated. "There
was a child with you, a young girl I believe. Is she ill? Why is she not
here?" There is barely concealed frustration here, if not anger.
> [/GM]

The German man gawks like a tourist at everything- the knight escorts, the
entrance and hallway, the room and it's treasures and most of all, the
great wizard himself. He gathers himself at the wizard's question, nodding
to himself or perhaps to Mrrlyn.

"The girl became frightened on approaching your pyramid, Lord Mrrlyn. The
lady knight who escorted us here took pity on her and is with the girl even
now, awaiting the end of our audience."
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