[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Justin and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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Thu Mar 15 20:09:04 UTC 2012

>> [GM]
>> For a moment, Louissa is speechless.
>> "What do you mean 'Queen Louissa'?" she asks finally.
>> The little reunion is broken up by the sound of an alarm being
>> raised.  Several booted feet can be heard running down the hallway
>> towards this room.
>> "I think someone may have noticed your entrance, Sir Justin."
>> Louissa observes.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> While Louissa is speechless, Justin mutters "Yeah, temporal mechanics
> does that to me too." When the pitter-patter of not-so-little feet
> approaches, Justin answers Louissa "Well, apparently you become Queen
> of Poughkeepsie at some future date on our current time track. I'm
> fairly resistant to causality paradoxes, but the people around me
> generally aren't, so I thought it would be best to close the loop by
> telling you when and what."
> Justin takes up a position between Louissa and Ted and the door,
> offset slightly so anyone shooting at him and missing will probably
> miss them as well. He doesn't quite aim his beam cannon at the door,
> though anyone coming through it is going to find the size of the
> muzzle a bit alarming, both in general point of aim and diameter. To
> say nothing of the fixed bayonet.
> "I bet I set off every dimensional alarm ward within a mile on my way
> in here."
> [/Justin]

> [Ted]
> Ted stands and faces the door.
> The lizard man steps to the side as far as the room will allow so he
> can see the door without Justin being in the way. He tries not to let
> his annoyance with the meddling human show. He hopes the cyber-
> knight's exuberance does not get them all killed.
> [/Ted]

Ted prepares for the worst, and then the booted feet run past the door 
and continue down the hall. There are now clear cries, some shouting 
"Help! The King is under attack!"

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