[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Justin and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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The lizard man chooses his words carefully. "I appreciate that, son, but I can take care of myself. If you insist on watching my back though, do it without drawing any more attention to yourself, okay? In the meantime, the princess and I were having a conversation. Will you watch the door from the outside until we finish?"

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Ted prepares for the worst, and then the booted feet run past the door and continue down the hall. There are now clear cries, some shouting"Help! The King is under attack!"
Justin turns his head to Ted, "He's not my king.  Meddling retroactively with time is not something to do lightly, even with one of my people, so any warning from decades in the future outweighs almost anything happening now.  I'll be staying with you, whether you stay under cover or charge out to engage in king-saving.  I'm your bodyguard for the foreseeable future."
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