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ooc: The Grenade has a parachute (probably sky colored like a modern aircraft so harder to spot) and slowly drifts downwards

"There is three men, well figures, above on the cliff. Might be
      able to pot shot them with a grenade. I could either try to take
      out the shale to try to drop them or use a stun / flash grenade.
      They are in body armor so don't think that a knock out gas ill

On 11/06/2012 15:51, Peter Perkins wrote:

>That fog bank could be a spell to disguise what is going on
            or it could be that it is coming out of that dimensional
>that I felt. Sometimes things do slip through rifts. 
>He looks to Alex to see what she may have gotten from the
>If she shares about seeing those men up there. He will
            create an energy field like an umbrella over him and his
            friends when they get close incase it needs to take the hit
            better it then them.
>Vesper nods to Alex, "Taking out the shale would be good. It will be loud though."
>He prepared, "Fire from around the energy field then duck back under it should protect us from the falling stone."

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