[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Osmar, Sir Prrcyvel and Guards] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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Thu Sep 13 15:55:15 UTC 2012

"I suppose you are right," the lizard man concedes, "but I can't help thinking he's hiding in here somewhere. Perhaps a brief look around...?"

Ted let the idea hang in the air as he steps off the platform and uses his eye-light to look around the space underneath--the darkened, narrow gap running along side the tracks--while paying careful attention not to touch the third rail, in case, after all these years, a current still flowed through it. 

"The tunnel's caved in at both ends," he states after a moment. "If he didn't have time to conceal himself in that trapdoor, he hasn't had time to clear a hole at either end either."

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[Sir Prrcyvel]
Sir Prrcyvel looks squarely at Ted. "I say we turn back, what say you, Master Ted."
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

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