[Taocow PBEM] [Oz and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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> [GM]
>> In another cell the Altaran Blind Warrior woman sits. The doors to
>> that cell are open, and she is chatting with a kindly elderly druid. A
>> half-finished meal sits beside her. She looks up and sees Oz and
>> smiles nervously.
>> "You have come to ask of me questions?" she asks. "I will cooperate."
> [/GM]
> [Oz]
> Oz smiles at the woman, though on second thought he isn't sure she
> could see the expression. "Let's start with something small." And
> something easily corroborated by available evidence. "How large was
> the force that attacked the Tree and what was your objective here?"
> [/Oz]

The Blind Warrior Woman, Ithdalkal, knows little of strategy. She
guesses that the army that attacked the Tree numbered eight to ten
thousand. The objective was to destroy the Tree and seize the Nexus.

> OOC:
> Basically, he'll question her about the Splugorth forces- size,
> resources, capabilities, strategic and tactical objectives, that sort
> of thing. Most immediately, he wants to know how long it might be
> before reinforcements are sent to the Tree and how large that force
> might be. More generally, how overwhelming is this invasion? And
> specific to Altaran BWWs, is she an anomaly or are a lot of them (and
> even other Splugorth slave races) looking for a way out?

Ithdalkal tells Oz what she can; that the army she was a part of is
was a single division, known as Kr'z'pk'nar Division. She believes the
Splugorth have amassed ten divisions, somewhere in the neighborhood of
one hundred thousand infantry along with mechanized divisions and air
force. She knows that another division has been dispatched to wipe out
the small kingdoms to the north of New Camelot, though she admits this
is only hearsay. She has also seen many fighting units of Gargoyles,
perhaps from across the Channel, as well as other D-Bee allies,
including what she calls the Hirrim, which she describes enough for Oz
to recognize as the floating brains they had previously encountered.

She thinks that it is unlikely another full division would be thrown
at the Tree right now, since she thinks they are all gathering for the
main assault on New Camelot. So the Tree might be safe for a little

She also describes the general commanding these forces, a lizard man
named G'nz 8, some sort of a lizard man of great powers.

Much of this seems a good deal like rumor rather than fact. Still, she
seems quite insistent that Splynn has gathered a very large army with
the intent of wiping out all the independent kingdoms of England, and
in particular New Camelot.

As to herself, she admits that only a few of her sisters feel as she
does, though she cannot say the number, as none dare openly discuss
their desire for freedom. She believes some Kittani hunger for
independence, but the Kydians are fanatically loyal to the Splugorth.
She has heard of slave revolts in London and back on Atlantis, but
they are dealt with mercilessly.

"I thank you, Oz." Ithdalkal says, "for freeing me from my bondage. I
will pledge myself to you, and if you let me use my sword in your
great name, I shall become your Narz'k... your warrior servant."

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