[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIV

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Tue Dec 31 15:35:28 UTC 2013

[Jacek the Borg]
> Jacek laughs out loud, but says nothing else.
[/Jacek the Borg]

Oz smiles but also doesn't comment on the ship's name.

> One of the crew tells the party "Zis is the River Wye, und the town is
> Belmont Abbey. Ve shall spend the night here, so if you wish, you can
> spend it at one of ze inns, or aboard the ship. Ve shall leave shortly
> after dawn tomorrow."

Oz issues his orders to the sergeant and Jacek over the radio. "Tell
the men they have leave for the evening but they are to report back to
the ship before midnight. Use the buddy system; everybody going
downside is responsible for their partner. No one is sleeping off
ship; we'll come looking for anyone who decides to stay out past
curfew. No guard duty tonight; we'll let the sailors stand their own

The German knight looks over at Ithdalkal and gestures at the town.
"Have you been in an English country town before? This would be a good
opportunity for you to have a controlled encounter with civilians, if
you care to accompany me."

OOC: Just to be clear, Oz is not attempting to issue orders to any
PCs, just to his NPC soldiers.

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