[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> "You look like a man to do business." he says. "An' front what I hear
>> o' the battle, the Hood's no damned good to me."
>> The man leans forward. "Whole camp is surrounded by a fog.. a mist.
>> The Hood bought it from some mage. Shifts the whole place in to some
>> other dimension... a pocket dimension I think they call it. If you
>> don't have one of the special lamps, you'll likely stay lost in that
>> fog forever. Wherever you see a trail marked with stones leading into
>> the fog, reach inside and feel for a lamp."
>> The man looks mighty pleased with himself. "An' just to show you I'm a
>> fair minded bloke. You ain't the first person I told. Little girl
>> asked me a few hours back, an' paid handsomely for the information.
>> Now it's your turn to pay up. Where's that gun?"
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> In another place, Osmar Wolz might have given the man his gun barrel
> first. Here, though, chivalry was the rule and not the sign of
> weakness that would get you a vibroknife in the back. He put out a
> hand, clearly expecting someone to put something in it. "Give me
> whatever gun he was carrying before all this."
> [/Oz]

The guard fetches a beat up but still sound looking Triax energy rifle.

> [Oz]
> Once he had the man's gun, he held it out to the man but didn't let
> go. "I won't begrudge any man a weapon in times like these. But if we
> find ourselves on different sides of another battlefield, I'm not
> likely to be as friendly as I was this time. You understand?"
> [/Oz]

"I'd sooner meet a gold dragon than you again, sir." the man says.
"You won't have no trouble from me."

> [Oz]
> When the man indicated his understanding, Oz let go of the gun. Oz
> stood up and put out a hand to help the man to his feet, clapping him
> on the shoulder in a gesture of 'we're all human' camaraderie. "If
> you're smart and not of a mind to fight, you'll head north and find a
> cave somewhere to hide out. I wasn't exaggerating about the aliens
> coming to put us all in chains. Nothing short of an army is going to
> stop them from putting you on the selling block."
> Of course, Oz didn't tell the man about the tracker he'd palmed out of
> his own pocket and placed on him. [Palm/conceal: 53%, 55% required]
> [/Oz]

It wasn't the most graceful concealment that Oz had ever done, but it
worked. The man did not notice the tracking device as he gladly
grabbed his gun.

"Don't you worry 'bout me." he laughs, looking a little surprised that
Oz kept his word. "I'll head for the somewhere where my talents will
earn me some decent credits."

With that, the man immediately springs ahead and runs into the trees.
In moments, other than the sound of his footfall, he is out of sight.

"Not sure Sir Prrcyval will like one of them being let go." he says.
"If there's any gods, one of 'em will make sure one of the Hood's boys
catch up with him. What's your orders, sir?"

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