[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [Louissa]
>> "Ted and I tried to leave on our own, so not to endanger you." she says.
>> "But you all came after us." She has become very emotional, and tears
>> are pouring down her face.
>> [/Louissa]

> [Oz]
> "We were led to believe you had been kidnapped. Perhaps if you had
> simply said you wished to go your own way we might not have come after
> you against your will."
> [/Oz]


>> [GM]
>> The druids have listened quietly to the debate between the adventurers.
>> Finally one of the druids, a blue-skinned humanoid female rises.
>> "There may be some merit to your ideas." she says. "The idea of rifting
>> the creature when you've reached your destination has its particular
>> risks, as this being is not entirely without dimensional abilities."
>> "Flying, as well, has its risks." she continues. "As Sir Osmar has
>> pointed out, there are the Splugorth to consider. There are also the
>> Fomorians once you enter the more northerly regions of this Isle. Truth
>> be told, the Fomorians would likely view this creature as an enemy, and
>> would do what they could to destroy it if they learned of it within
>> their realms."
>> She thinks for a moment "However, the Cold Iron bottle, that indeed has
>> possibilities. Alas, we do not possess such things here. We are a people
>> of Nature and Tree, and even ordinary iron we use little. Cold iron is
>> something that we would not possess."
>> "But there is a place perhaps, to the west, in the land known as Wales,
>> where such a mine may lie. In the ancient land of Wales, in the hills
>> beyond Cross Foxes Inn, there is a Dwarfish settlement, where cold iron
>> has been mined. The journey would be several days by foot, though
>> perhaps with alternative modes of transportation, it could be
>> accomplished much quicker. If you could get a sufficient quantity of
>> this cold iron, then a container could be made that would make the
>> creature's escape impossible."
>> As the blue-skinned druid is speaking, the soldier looks to Oz again.
>> "Sir, we really do require your presence."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "Jacek has the pledge of the King's support and will keep myself and
> my men with him. We will abide by his decision here." Oz turns to his
> soldier and nods. "Let's go."
> Oz nods at the soldier. To his companions, he says "Jacek has my
> pledge to deliver the Hood to the place of healing. I'll abide by his
> decision on this. I have to go." He turns to his man and gestures him
> out of the hall. "Let's go."
> [/Oz]

Jacek nods to Oz, and Oz and the soldier leave.

> [Alex]
> A little offended sounding, Alex responds, "So, even though I don't know
> anybody else, you were going to sneak off without even telling me. Not
> what you do with friends. You know how many friends I have lost, do you
> really expect me not to have chased you?"
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> "It was not like that, Alex," Ted states. "We were thinking more of the
> safety of you and the people Camelot than anything else. Obviously
> now, however, it does not matter. Your friendship and loyalty have
> always been appreciated."
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> "You guys are pretty much all we I have," the red haired scout responds.
> "I already told Louisa that I cannot go home without risking the CS's
> ire against my parents."
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> "Again, I apologize. I was thinking more of your safety than anything else."
> [/Ted]

Louissa is wiping tears from her eyes. "That does not change anything.
We need that creature or Ted will die. These druids say maybe they can
bind the thing, but we have to get this cold iron. I say we do it.
What do the rest of you say? If we can keep the monster from hurting
anyone else, will that be enough?"

[Jacek the Borg]
Jacek's metallic face is inscrutable, his glowing cybernetic eyes
betraying nothing. For a moment he says nothing.

"I owe your friend Ted nothing." he says. "He unleashed this evil on
my people, and my chieftain lies between life and death because of it.
But I have now sworn myself and my people to New Camelot, and clearly
my King has some trust in you. Sir Osmar has left this to me to
decide, so this is my decision. If the thing can be contained and
controlled, then I will not put off my peoples' rightful revenge until
your quest to save Ted is completed. But the condition of my agreement
is that this bound creature be surrendered to me upon the completion
of the quest, and my people will agree to its fate, as Sir Osmar
agreed to as part of our truce. Is that agreeable to you all?"
[/Jacek the Borg]

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