[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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While the rest of Oz's companions debate, Oz and the soldier make
their way quickly to the base of the tree. The soldier has little else
to report, other than a strange woman has arrived near the tree after
a large explosion and is refusing to surrender her rather substantial

When they get to the base of the tree, four more of Oz's men are
standing. Ahead Oz spots to New Camelot hover bikes, and then, though
at first it seems impossible, he sees a woman leaping like Triax
Terrain Hopper powered armor, easily keeping up with the two

As she approaches, Oz and the others can she that she is an
attractive, average height young human woman.  No tan, moderately
freckled, long medium-brown hair in a ponytail.

She wears a silver-trimmed white military-style uniform, with a
utility belt, and armor plated boots, pauldrons and bracers. The suit
has a light non-environmental helmet with a silver half-visor that
obscures the eyes.  Tucked into a breast pocket (seemingly made just
for it) is a small yellow-handled screw

Carries a very large scoped rifle of indeterminate make, almost
comically oversized.

When she finally stops in front of Oz and his men, the two soldiers on
the hoverbikes dismount. One salutes Oz and informs him "Sir. This is
the woman we reported. She won't surrender her weapon, though she's
made no hostile move towards us."

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