[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [Louissa]
>> Louissa glances at her companions, and then shrugs. "Well, if Ted
>> won't tell you, I shall. One of us has a terrible disease, and has
>> been told to seek some healer far to the north in Britain."
>> [/Louissa]

>> [GM]
>> The old druid gives Ted a long look. "Yes... yes, I can see. You
>> have a touch of death, lizard man." he says. "Most unfortunate, and
>> most hard to cure. In my younger days..." he trails off without
>> finishing his thought.
>> The feast goes on until late in the evening, and there are no more
>> probing questions, though the druids and other guests are
>> fascinated by any stories of members of the company's journies,
>> especially if it involves the Americas or other dimensions.
>> It is 10pm when a gong sounds. The head druids stand up and bow
>> first to the company, and then to the rest of the guests. "The time
>> of festivities has ended, and the Council must seek council with
>> our honored guests. We bid a good night to you all."
>> The druid then turns to the company. "We ask that you all remain.
>> We hope this will not take long, and then you can rest as I suspect
>> you have not rested in a while."
>> Once the rest of the assembly has left, a legion of druids and
>> other dwellers of the Tree clean off and move in the tables. In a
>> few short minutes, the company finds themselves sitting facing the
>> end of the hall, and the six chief druids that make up the Council
>> sit at a table facing them. The old druid with the strange glowing
>> light emanating from him sits off to the side, head buried in his
>> beard, seemingly asleep.
>> The chief of the Council speaks. "We wish to express again our
>> appreciation. The aid of New Camelot came in the nick of time. The
>> Tree was not far from death... or worse."
>> "We have agreed to offer what assistance we can, for we have
>> divined that the fate of these Isles lays in your hands. In
>> particular with you, Ted Smythe. You're illness is known to us, and
>> you can only be seeking Karpax of Skara Brae. Such a journey is
>> filled with great dangers, but we have word from our brothers there
>> on occasion."
>> "But there are other grave matters that you may know of. The
>> Splugorth and their allies have a powerful... and very unique
>> general. Some of you may find the following disturbing."
>> An image is projected on to the wall above the druids. It is of a
>> large army of Splugorth Minions; Kydians, Kittani, Metzla and many
>> others, including the floating brain things that some of the
>> company had encountered before. Reviewing this vast army is a
>> figure astride some sort of large lizardly mount. The figure looks
>> exactly like Ted.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "There is intelligence that the Kittani may be able to clone
> people," the red headed scout responds. "My understanding is that it
> is suppose to be really difficult however. Could it be some kind of
> clone?"
> [/Alex]

One of the druids nods. "Yes, that seems to make a good deal of sense. 
But the question is why would they clone Mr. Smythe?"

> [Vesper]
> Vesper looked at the image then to Ted and back. "Were you from the
> Splugorth kingdoms originally Ted ?"
> [/Vesper]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man has been quietly watching up to this point. His
> companion's question seems to pull him from deep though, but Ted
> calmly states, "No. I have never knowingly been to any Spuglorth
> Kingdom."
> [/Ted]

The old semi-glowing man in the corner, seemingly asleep, suddenly opens 
his eyes, which glow brightly now.

"I detect that you are not of this dimension, Ted Smythe." he says. "I 
cannot see your world lines, but I suspect you have a good deal of 
wisdom of many places."

The odd old man then closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. The other 
druids look baffled, and perhaps a little annoyed. "That's all very 
interesting, but not terribly helpful." one says.

The head of the Council thinks for a moment. "There is a reason the 
Splugorth have cloned you, as it were, Mr. Smythe. Somehow this relates 
to your illness and your northward journey. Our only concern is to not 
allow a possible enemy in our midst to escape, but I sense no ill intent 
in you."

The head of the Council turns to the group. "Please allow us time to 
deliberate upon these matters." The druidic council does not dismiss 
them, but the six men huddle together, close their eyes, and become 
immobile for several minutes.

Finally they turn back to the company. "We have decided that it is not 
our place to obstruct any of you. Ted Smythe, despite his similarity to 
the Splugorth General, is not that being, and indeed, must seek 
northward if he is to attain his healing. We shall do what we can to 
give Mr. Smythe a potion to hold back the symptoms, though wiser minds 
than ours must achieve the ultimate cure."

The head of the council turns to Oz. "You are a knight of New Camelot. 
We request that you send word to your government expressing our thanks 
at the timely aid they sent. You may use our radio equipment."

"That leaves a remaining matter." the head of the council says. "That is 
your two prisoners. The one, the Altara Blind Warrior Woman, I leave in 
your care Sir Osmar. You may take her, if you will, or she may remain here."

"But the other... thing." he says. "It is an ancient evil. I have 
questioned it myself, and it asserts that with its aid, Mr. Smythe will 
not achieve healing. It is beyond our power to determine if it lies or 
speaks truth. One thing we know to be true is that is evil, and it will 
kill, for necessity and for pleasure, and that it rarely discerns 
between the two."

"We could, perhaps, chain it once more into a prison, perhaps return it 
to the dwarfish prison from whence it was freed. Though it is bound to 
Mr. Smythe, the cold iron would prevent it from following him. Or we 
will allow it free, though when it is freed, it must leave the realm 
about this Tree by the shortest route in a single day, or we shall 
recapture it and we will imprison it."

"What say you all?" the druid asks. "Shall we end its freedom, or will 
you take the thing with you?"

Aaron Clausen

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