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>Vesper smiled and brushed back a few strands of Alex
                  read hair.  You have to be the only Coalition solider
                  I want
>to see safe and sound. Maybe the tree will give us the
                  day of rest we need, they are enchanted things."
>He looked to the gear, "I think I will claim one of
                  these ugly helmets the mystic energy in them alone
                  would help me. The sword would be 
>nice too. There is something that looks like a kind of
                  arm blaster if I figure out how it works I might claim
                  one of them."
The ranger reaches up and cups Vesper's hand with hers on top. She
    presses his hand against her face. "Thanks." smiles back.

"You are beautiful my dear Alex,  I count myself lucky to have met you." The tips of his fingers caressed her face.
"You are as enchanting as any spell I have ever come across." He looked to see if she were willing to kiss and if so he
kissed her caressing the back of her neck letting his fingers wander up into her hair.

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