[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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>> [GM]
>> When everyone steps through the portal, they find themselves outside
>> of a rather odd building. It looks to have been
>> carved, or, considering the very smooth and rounded lines of the
>> building, possibly grown from living rock. It is a two story structure
>> with several doors and windows, none round or square and all at odd
>> angles and in strange shapes. A sign above what probably is the main
>> door (which is five-sided) is neon and announces it as "Keldon and
>> Sons Magic and Items of Interest". There appears to be no electrical
>> cable leading between the sign, which seems to float about six inches
>> of the wall of the building, and the building itself.
>> Up and down the street people are quickly beginning to panic. Clearly
>> those that did not know of the invasion, now know there is one, likely
>> due to Alex's radio broadcast. A number of citizens, still putting on
>> their armor, are forming into a militia of some kind. There are no
>> Splugorth Minions in sight, but down the street a building is burning,
>> and tracers from gunfire can be seen in the evening sky. Still, it
>> presently seems contained to a single area of the town and hasn't
>> spread.
>> Keldon pays little attention to what goes on around him. He bursts
>> through the door. Inside two D-Bees that look nearly identical to
>> Keldon are hastily throwing scrolls and various other items into a
>> number of odd, silvery boxes that ought to have, by now, been filled.
>> Keldon is literally crying by this point. "Seventy years work done and
>> gone!" he says miserably. "Hurry up lads," he says to the two other
>> squiddish D-Bees. "If those Splugorth have any skill at all, they will
>> be able to at least get a general idea of where our friend's portal
>> took us."
>> He turns back to Oz, Vesper and Alex. "You can have whatever you want
>> from this shop, providing you can grab it in about sixty seconds,
>> providing you take the three of us and the contents of these boxes
>> with us."
>> The Archbishop, who has been hanging back, is outraged. "You'll accept
>> this... this shopkeeper's offer, but my offer is spurned?"
>> The Sergeant radios Oz. "We're on board, sir. Mr. Smythe and Lady
>> Louissa are here. Awaiting your instructions."
>> Quite suddenly the gun fire stops, and in its place sounds like the
>> heavy pounding of feet down the street.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nodded and directed Alex and the others in what to take along
> especially since he was well versed in magic. "Not a problem Keldon,
> we will take you with us and hopefully to safety."
> Looking to the bishop, "You sold us out once, you might have some
> way to signal the splugorth or even have some tracking creature in
> your body. The splugorth practice strange magics and science. We
> will try and drop you off somewhere but keeping company with you
> after this when you could have worked with us to help protect your city.
> That was a personal choice."
> Vesper went to pick out some items as well from the shop.
> [/Vesper]

The Arch-bishop seems pleased that Vesper has even consented to taking
him any distance.

> [Alex]
> The Ex-Ranger responds, "I will help but I don't need much."
> If directed to help with anything, she is willing to help but otherwise
> is most concerned with the military situation.
> OOC: A few dimensional pocket, maybe a belt with pouches, would be
> useful but she would not know to ask. She does not know much about
> magic.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper would have pointed out what things were since he can sense
> dimensions even small ones like d pockets etc.  He certainly could
> have directed Alex towards them. In fact he would have quickly
> assessed what might be useful to the others and pointed those items
> out.
> OOC: Vesper himself will take one of the silver boxes and fill it with
> spell books.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Alex will take what he suggests but otherwise is not real interested in
> gear, seems more preoccupied with getting everybody living and breathing
> to something like safety.
> Since she has a moment or two, she tells the archbishop, "I am from a
> place called the Coalition. They don't like people who practice magic as
> well as creatures like our magic shop owner. They will sometimes attack
> a town know to harbor them. In some cases, the two will turn them out so
> as to avoid the wrath of them. Never really respected villages who would
> do that."
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz would happily take a magic dimensional pocket box and fill it with
> small, high value items to sell or barter in the future.
> [/Oz]

OOC: As I said, this is a reasonably well stocked magic shop. There
are spell books up to level eight for pretty much all the spells in
the main Rifts book. If you like, I can randomly pick out spells and
magical devices, or you can each pick a list of possible items and
I'll say yay or nay to them. But pushing on...

The sergeant radios Oz again. "We're in the ship, Mr. Smythe and Lady
Louissa are here, but we don't have a way of piloting this thing to
you. Either you find the captain or some crew who can help, or I think
we've got to abandon this ship and get out of town. Waiting for
instructions sir."

At that moment there's a loud crash, probably coming from the shop
next door. Boots can be heard outside the shop  door.

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