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 [GM] "Very well." female dwarf says. "Let me
 introduce myself. I am 
 > Therane of Clan
 Marand. My father, who died in the defense of our 
 > younglings, was chieftain of the clan, so
 now, I am, at least until 
 > the clan can
 pick a new chieftain, am acting in his place. My 
 > lieutenant is my cousin, Skald." The
 other dwarf, who was less willing 
 > to
 die, bows. "I am Skald son Skarn son of Molk, founder
 of our clan, 
 > and I'm at your
 service." Skarn straightens up. "The nearest
 > entrance is about five hundred
 of your meters that way." He points 
 > roughly northward. Unfortunately there is
 a Kydian patrol that has set 
 > up a
 watch post about half way there. Some of you seem to move
 > great secrecy. If that watch post
 could be dealt with quietly and 
 quickly, we could make it to the entrance." [/GM] 
 "Alex Hawk,"
 the red headed ranger responds. "Formerly of the
 States. How I ended up here,
 beats the hell out of me. Seems like I 
 always end up underground."
"Vesper, Knight of the Fair Folk and Shifter by trade."
He looks over to Alex, "I admit I don't know how we end up
where we do either, must be fate."

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