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 Trying to lighten the mood, the scout responds,
 "Heard stories about 
 people taking
 rides with Shifters. Heard told of them ending up on other
 continents and even whole other worlds.
 Think you would be used to it?
Vesper Laughs, "I suppose I should, still it seems we encounter
enough strangeness for several worlds in our travels. Yet the company is pleasant."
He smiles over to her, "Our weapons perhaps you could all focus on lasers and more quiet
weapons to dispatch the Kydians, "I think we can do it, my spells are mostly silent and if need be
I could summon something to help us."

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 >   [GM] "Very well."
 female dwarf says. "Let me
 >   introduce myself. I am
 >   > Therane of Clan
 >   Marand. My father, who died
 in the defense of our
 >   >
 younglings, was chieftain of the clan, so
 >   now, I am, at least until
 >   > the clan can
 >   pick a new chieftain, am
 acting in his place. My
 >   > lieutenant is my cousin,
 Skald." The
 >   other
 dwarf, who was less willing
 >   > to
 >   die, bows. "I am Skald
 son Skarn son of Molk, founder
 >   of our clan,
 >   > and I'm at your
 >   service." Skarn
 straightens up. "The nearest
 >   secret
 >   > entrance is about five
 >   of your meters
 that way." He points
 >   > roughly northward.
 Unfortunately there is
 >   a
 Kydian patrol that has set
 >   > up a
 >   watch post about half way
 there. Some of you seem to move
 >   with
 >   > great secrecy. If that
 watch post
 >   could be dealt
 with quietly and
 >   >
 >   quickly, we could make it to
 the entrance." [/GM]
 >   [Alex]
 >   "Alex Hawk,"
 >   the red headed ranger
 responds. "Formerly of the
 >   Coalition
 >   States. How I ended up
 >   beats the hell out
 of me. Seems like I
 >   always
 end up underground."
 >   [/Alex]
 > "Vesper, Knight of the
 Fair Folk and Shifter by trade."
 He looks over to Alex, "I admit I don't know how we
 end up
 > where we do either, must be
 > [/Vesper]
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