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 > Atop the city walls they see Kydian guards. Splugorth
 flags have been
 > unfurled. From within there are cries of sorry and
 pain; women
 > weeping, men begging, children crying. As the company
 watches, three
 > Splugorth slaver barges with dozens of captive dwarfs
 each, are taking
 > off.
 > And yet within lies the cold iron the company has come
 Oz looks at Alex and Vesper. "We can scout the town, but I
 don't see
 us taking any significant amount of cold iron out of there.
 What do
 you think? It seems like a lot of risk for not much

"What about the slaves ? Three barges is a lot but we aren't without our own firepower. If we freed the dwarves I think they would
be more then happy to give us some cold iron. Still we need to scout and see how infested the town is with Splugorth minions.
If there are far too many then I agree we should withdraw. Possibly attack those barges after they are far enough away they wont be getting 
immediate help."
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