[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Also, as I think of it, environmental armor completely protects from a 
neural whip and the whip would never hit through the force field anyway. 
Even if it got though the force field, she is impervious to energy.

In spite of claiming to not be a real soldier, she is a combat veteran. 
There are certain things that get to her as well. She judges where the 
creature is, jumps out with her sword and dagger being drawn and swung 
in a smooth motion as she strikes at the creature in a paired strike. 
Sometimes, one must act decisively.

At least knows which these creatures kidnapped her friend

"Some of us bite," she states.

If she can stop short of killing the thing, she wants to question it but 
she hopes the people can answer the questions is she needs to.

On 2015-05-23 13:06, Aaron Clausen wrote:

>> [Alex]
>> Even though a lot of work and worried about their companions abandoning
>> them, there is still something enjoyable about climbing. Not the first time she
>> has climbed in ruins although she thinks to herself that maybe Vesper need
>> some lessons.
>> When she gets down where it looks like it is inhabited, she whispers to Vesper,
>> "Be very careful. Some of what I see does not look real encouraging."
>> She will use telepathy to scan to see if there are any minds around.
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Alex's dagger aids her as she reaches out, without her even asking.
> She can sense at least a dozen minds in the vicinity. Surface thoughts
> seem to be fearful, the effects of adrenaline causing panic and
> anxiety; "We need to hide", "I must make my daughter flee before she
> becomes a breeder", "The Sons of Morning will kill my husband for
> certain."
> It's almost more than Alex can take, and the names "Sons of Morning"
> and "breeders" seem to come up repeatedly. The overall impression is
> of an enslaved, frightened people.
> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper taps Alex shoulder then back up a bit in case this doesn't work.
>> Vesper will risk trying a chameleon spell casting slowly in order to make sure it
>> works if it does he will also cast it on Alex.
>> Vesper will have his rifle out as he wants to not push using magic if he doesn't
>> have too.
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> While the ley line storm still rages, its localized effects, at least
> temporarily, do not interfere with the spell, and it successfully is
> cast on both Vesper and Alex. Indeed, a sudden surge of PPE just as
> Vesper is casting it on Alex means he does not deplete his own
> reserves. It's a heady experience, like drinking a couple of shots of
> hard liquor, with a similar euphoric effect.
> With the spell in place, and Alex and Vesper hidden in plain sight,
> the source of the crunching comes into view. It appears to be one of
> the humanoid creatures they saw near the pyramid complex; of the same
> kind as the creatures that have kidnapped Louissa.
> It is an odd looking being; generally humanoid, but with slightly
> reddish skin with yellowish splotches, random bristly hairs sticking
> out from mole-like bumps. The head is large, bald and veined. The eyes
> are almost reptilian in appearance, yellowish and glowing with mystic
> energies. The creature is no more than five feet tall, but the limbs
> still seem too long and thin somehow, almost emaciated. It is carrying
> some sort of neural whip in one hand, a tube with a handle on it in
> the other (it might be a gun). It is wearing black boots and a loin
> cloth, but nothing else, save for a belt around the waste that has a
> small black box attached to it with two blinking lights.
> "Comez onz!" the creature shouts. "We iz needing more breederz! Givez
> uz yerz womanz kind!"
> [/GM]

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