[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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Tue May 3 20:44:46 UTC 2016

> > [GM]
> > The General nods. "You have heard from your commanding officer. I
> > would gladly take in any soldier, regular or irregular. There's a
> > place in the New Strathclyde Armed Forces for all warr..."
> >
> > Even as he speaks, the several people on the ship fire on the
> > moorings, and the ship shoots up into the air.
> >
> > The General sighs. "Most disappointing," he says to Oz. "This blood is
> > on your hands." He turns to one of his officers. "Destroy that ship."
> >
> > The General then turns back to Oz, "This is the price of dishonor." He
> >
> > A mini-missile is launched and arcs towards the ship, but, as Jacek
> > had predicted, the shield holds. The shock wave knocks several people
> > over, and actually pushes the ship higher. The ship responds much as
> > it had the night before to the Maligs, by laying in a firestorm so
> > intense that it blows the concrete of the courtyard up and melts the
> > ground beneath. Several rounds are fired from the ship, but they are
> > smoke grenades and within moments Oz can barely see the General next
> > to him.
> > [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "I guess we're doing this." He slams his visor shut and gets on the
radio. "Send the hoverbikes down to pick up the captain but don't wait for
us- get the ship out of here at top speed. We'll commandeer whatever kind
of flying vehicles we can find. Sergeant, safeguard the Captain and see to
getting her back on board her ship. Trio, stick with me. Switch to thermal
or ultrasound to see through the smoke. If any of you see a flying vehicle
or remember seeing them on our way in, call it out."
> "Ithdalkal, find me the General! We're going to need a hostage if we want
to get out of here alive with all our people." Oz tunes in his thermal
vision and ultraviolet light filter to see through the smoke but trusts his
Blind Warrior Woman to ignore the smoke more fully than he ever could.
> [/Oz]

Orders are followed efficiently, and within moments the skycycles are
flying down. The Captain is quickly picked up while Ithdalkal, with her
usual ruthless efficiency stalks off into the smoke.

> OOC: Is the officer party with Oz disarmed? I want to get the captain
back on her ship so it can get out of here, and if he's not already, get
the sergeant back on board with the second hoverbike. Jacek was on board
the ship, so I assume the dwarf leader is there, too.

OOC: Yes everyone has been disarmed. And the dwarf leader is on boars

> If they're armed, between the 5 of them Oz, Ithdalkal and his 3 adjutants
should be able to deal with pretty much anything as long as they focus on
> If they're not armed, I guess Oz has his retractable vibro blades and
Ithdalkal probably has something. His high Prowl + smoke grenades gives Oz
a decent chance at taking out some mooks.

The second hovercycle picks up the Sergeanf, who seems less than pleased to
be abandoning his CO.

Oz and his remaining men are just getting ready to push ahead when suddenly
a hole appears dimly in the smoke. Out steps Alex, and beyond can be seen
Vesper, Ted and Louissa in a cooridor. Clearly this is one of Vesper's
dimensional portals. Alex and her team appear to be still fully armed.

Above, the leyline ship starts to move away. One rocket, then another fires
at the ship. One explodes against the ship's shield, but the second pierces
and does some small damage to the hull.

Then a missile launches from somewhere not far away, and this does more
severe damage, blasting a hole in the hull and rocking the ship badly. A
few fall off and disappear into the smoke before the ship can escape to a
higher altitude.

Somewhere off in the distance the General can be heard shouting, and then
there's the sound like someone being throttled.

Aaron Clausen

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