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Thu, 26 Dec 2002

21:10 [zork(~/octal)] cat christmasy.txt

No mail for me.

So right now I'm at my Uncle's house, which, unlike my grandparents' place, has DSL. Unfortunately, my computer that I keep all of mail (and more imporantly, procmail settings) on is at my parents house, which is connected via cable modem, but unfortunately behind a linksys NAT. Bah.

Sun, 22 Dec 2002

04:47 [zork(~/octal)] cat model100.txt

Serial Experiments

Sometimes it seems like my biggest contribution to humanity is that I know how to connect a Model 100 to a serial port.

02:40 [zork(~/dave)] cat 2002-12-21T18:39:41-0800.txt


mod_bandwidth works. That is all.

Sun, 08 Dec 2002

06:33 [zork(~/octal)] cat gar-ppc.txt


So, I've finally got around to trying something I had thought about for a long time: making a lnx-bbc for powerpc, or at least newworld powermacs. At first glance, it may seem like an easy job, but is complicated by several factors:

  1. I know nothing of packaging
  2. Making cds bootable on x86 and ppc are widely different processes
  3. Getting some packages to build requires a bit more than a simple make build (examples, glibc, kernel)

So, either something will come of this, or I'll get frustrated and move on.

(footnote: It is my understanding that many macs can boot off of USB, this fact may or may not provide interesting.)

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