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Fri, 29 Nov 2002

07:36 [zork(~/octal)] cat powerbook.txt


So, I took advantage of the extended weekend to replace the old 6GB travelstar in my powerbook with a brand new 40GB 5400 rpm drive. Planning ahead, I had already purchased a firewire laptop drive enclosure, negating the need to backup data. Thinking it would be the cat's pajamas, I endeavoured to make a debian CD with jigdo. This was a pointless act, as although it results in an up-to-date CD, it is not bootable on PowerPC (And maybe not on x86, either). But, in the meantime I found which offeres a wide variety of bootable, business-card size debian install CDs. Using this and a debian mirror or two, sucessfully installed, save for its use of KDE as the default desktop.

Incidentally, installing linux on powerpc (at least NewWorld macs) has greatly improved since I first got this thing.

Fri, 15 Nov 2002

05:56 [zork(~/inkblot)] cat 2002-11-14T21:53:56-0800.txt

Wake me when it's over.

I puked in a bucket last night. My stomach was empty so it was basically all acid. It made my eyes all bloodshot and all the stuff in my sinuses got sqeezed out into my nose. About 18 hours later the headache went away.

Wed, 13 Nov 2002

21:08 [zork(~/octal/politics)] cat thepast.txt

Put it behind you

Hey, whatever happened to the whole making crooked corporate officals pay thing? Did we ever do that? It's a bit fuzzy in my mind.

Also, what ever happened with all those people in Florida who couldn't vote because they were incorrectly listed as ex-felons? Did we ever clean that up?

Just curious.

Fri, 08 Nov 2002

06:14 [zork(~/octal)] cat gnome2.txt


I just got dist-upgraded to the point where I have gnome 2. I hate it. I want it to die. Nothing's working the way I like and they won't let me change things to the way I like. I want my cpu monitor, and there's no PMU monitoring applet. I can't have windows go above the panels, the taskmonitor is wasting space, there's no binary clock, all my custom menus are gone and I don't know if I can have custom menus in gnome 2. I hate gnome 2.

Sun, 03 Nov 2002

21:10 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat new-version.txt

pyblosxom 0+5i_rev2

This is getting to be ridiculous, what with all the messages being about the system itself.

We're now running the <a href="">latest version</a> with some <a href="">fixes</a> and features I submitted. It's all in the <a href="">ChangeLog</a>.

And I still need to finish that article.

Sat, 02 Nov 2002

00:03 [zork(~/octal/amateur)] cat license.txt

I can now begin spectrum hogging!

Fri, 01 Nov 2002

18:02 [zork(~/madness/octal)] cat Oh_well.txt

I suppose this works, but I was thinking some sort of special template on the madness/ dir that would show ownership of files instead.

You know, I saw in a movie how people on stilts can run 45 miles per hour.

13:07 [zork(~/madness)] cat werp.txt

I claim this post in the name of inkblot

You know, I saw in a movie how people on stilts can run 45 miles per hour.

10:46 [zork(~/madness/gary)] cat alsonothard.txt

Alternativly you could add a $uid token to pyblosxom although Nick's way is probably better

Hey, Sammy. You sure it weren't cartoons you was watchin'?

09:01 [zork(~/madness/nick)] cat nothard.txt

It's not that hard to do it yourself

No! It's true! I saw it in a movie!

06:16 [zork(~/madness)] cat octroll.txt

This needs a system of telling who wrote what

Well, maybe if they're mile-long stilts they can.

06:14 [zork(~/octal/politics)] cat coleman.txt

Norm Coleman

Maybe I'm just lacking in political savvy, but it always seemed to me a stupid idea to hand-pick a guy who lost to Jesse Ventura to run against a multiple term incumbant senator. Especially when running a flip-floppy guy against a man secure in his convictions. I guess I'll just never understand politics.

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