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Fri, 29 Nov 2002

07:36 [zork(~/octal)] cat powerbook.txt


So, I took advantage of the extended weekend to replace the old 6GB travelstar in my powerbook with a brand new 40GB 5400 rpm drive. Planning ahead, I had already purchased a firewire laptop drive enclosure, negating the need to backup data. Thinking it would be the cat's pajamas, I endeavoured to make a debian CD with jigdo. This was a pointless act, as although it results in an up-to-date CD, it is not bootable on PowerPC (And maybe not on x86, either). But, in the meantime I found which offeres a wide variety of bootable, business-card size debian install CDs. Using this and a debian mirror or two, sucessfully installed, save for its use of KDE as the default desktop.

Incidentally, installing linux on powerpc (at least NewWorld macs) has greatly improved since I first got this thing.

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