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Fri, 25 Oct 2002

14:32 [zork(~/nick/web)] cat css.txt

Ha ha CSS

Man, so Paul Gray's crazy CSS is so leet. Did you know that the RSS button on the right is not an image? I made a styleeee so you can make orange buttons with all kinds of text really simply. I'll have to work out other colors at some point, I think.

12:05 [zork(~/woot)] cat mobius-snake.txt.txt

emptying the contents of the car into the lake

So, um. <pre> 09:01 <@CrackMonkey> eat that, ed lang! </pre>

I like the way it looks suitably consolish.

09:22 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat apologies.txt

Spam spam spam spam

Okay, sorry folks. I was just testing out blagg. You can look at ~nick/.blagg for a sample config file. It's probably not all that useful, but you can just set the thing up to troll various sites and slurp in articles.

I really only installed it for completeness, but I should have probably made a subdir for the stuff before I started monkeying.

But that <a href="">book entry</a> is actually the book I'm reviewing.

08:26 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat octal.txt


<a href="">Octal</a>:

I figure I'll post it once enough of the wrinkles are ironed out. It looks like <a href="">muse</a> and <a href="">inkblot</a> managed to use the script to set up their dirs, so things are probably about ready to announce.

This is partly just a neat little hack that I'm using as part of the research for an article, but at some point this will reach a level of functionality where I figure it could be a useful fixture for zork. I'm interested partly in installing blagg and seeing how to integrate that into a multi-user environment. The blosxom stuff was mostly written with a single-user MacOSX system in mind, so I'm playing and fiddling.

Note that there's also a <a href="">python version</a> of this software that supports the same data files. the difference is that I added the one-line hack to get the blank-line-denotes-paragraphs feature to the perl version, while the python system has a more elaborate parser setup that I have yet to fully work out.

At any rate, I'll play and fiddle for at least a week yet.

07:01 [zork(~/octal)] cat motd.txt

Stuff, and Stuff

So, when are you going to post motd to motd?

05:27 [zork(~/inkblot)] cat 2002-10-24T21:27:12-0700.txt

hi. i'm not blogging... or something.

04:34 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat script.txt


<a href="">Octal</a>:

The script enforces a bit of policy by making the user's subdir and giving the file the appropriate .txt extension. Did you know that you can type "motd tinkerbell" and it'll make a tinkerbell.txt file?

Of course, it's not as powerful as simply editing the files yourself. It can't do sub-subdirs, for example (all slashes get turned to underscores). But it's good for getting folks to make entries off the bat.

04:29 [zork(~/octal)] cat 2002-10-24T20:28:29-0700.txt


So, is this motd script really necessary? I mean REALLY necessary? I mean, what's so hard?

04:24 [zork(~/nick/blosxom/ttt)] cat haha.txt


Did you know you can make subdirs of your personal dirs, and categorize your entries thusly?

03:57 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat usrlocalbin.txt

another motd test

Wow, this stuff is coming along, eh.


03:56 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat 2002-10-24T19:56:24-0700.txt


I'm playing with my new fancy motd script, which makes new entries in your motd dir.

Neat like my feet.

03:38 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat again.txt


I'm also playing with pyblosxom, which promises more advanced froofergee.

But it doesn't seem to actually work.

03:03 [zork(~/octal)] cat urls.txt

How does this work?

Does it automagically linkify urls like ?

02:48 [zork(~/octal)] cat so.txt


If I make this multiple lines, is the first the subject?

02:46 [zork(~/octal)] cat huk.txt

Huk Huk Huk

02:43 [zork(~/spork)] cat emohteedee.txt

How do you read the motd's on zork?

  1. suspects
  2. elbows

02:40 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat foo.txt

Trying blank-line munging.

Let's see if this does the trick...


02:16 [zork(~/nick/blosxom)] cat start.txt

Starting it up

So I've been writing this big article on why diaries are not weblogs, etc, and blosxom was the only free software it listed. <p/> I'm a little irritated that I have to type in HTML, but I may just throw a big PRE tag in.

[zork(~)] cal
[zork(~)] tree
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