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Wed, 30 Oct 2002

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Welcome to Cyberspace!

does my hair look ok?

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Paper Grain

Nick, your points on grain are well taken. I hadn't even considered the effect grain would have when using consumer laser paper. The experience I have had is that most consumer laser paper is long grain. This is confimred by some research I did today. This is good news for the 4up binding I've been doing since the fold ends up being along the long edge of letter paper. I have bound a couple 2up books, including one I sent to Neale and those don't fold near as nice

I have a 4up version of canticle I'm binding for my sister and I might make one for myself. I still like he cheap and easy technique I'm using and the books seem to be pretty sturdy. The 700 page Vinge book I sewed into a Corn Flakes box has held up well and was fairly easy to read. My only complaint is that the margins are really small. But that's what I get for cramming the book into small pages. I have my eye on some bookbinding how-to books so I can learn the proper art of bookbinding, but sewing sections into cereal boxes is just lots of fun.

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