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Thu, 31 Oct 2002

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You know, I saw in a movie how people on stilts can run 45 miles per hour.

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Inkblot's whingeing

So after Nate threw a hissy fit and broke this thing, holding his breath until it was fixed, I threw in an exception wrapper.

    story = file(filename).readlines()
    return current_date

I submitted that fix upstream, so life should be good.

I have made a madness/ directory, and it is world-writable, with the tmp bit on. This means that anyone can make a new file and play with it, but you can't futz with other peoples' entries. I'll prime it in a moment.

I dunno how I'd manage the colored entries, really. This system doesn't pay much attention to a file before slurping it up, so I'm not sure what styles I could throw on in a per-directory fashion.

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ebook obsession

I might finally buy some ebook reader the form of the original rocket ebook reader. I've ruled out palm devices because of sccree size, franklin's ebookmen because, well, they suck, the zaurus will have to wait until I have $$$, and the gemstar/RCA ebooks are are so encumbered with DRM gar they have nearly killed the ebook reader market. The REB1100 can be tricked into loading free content but it also has a modem and Keys and ID's and nasty firmware updates. I'm now watching a bunch of items on ebay so maybe I'll have an ebook reader soon and can stop obsessing.

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ha ha SBC Yahoo DSL!

So, I got this bifold advertizement flyer thingy in the snail mail the other day for SBC Yahoo DSL. On the "cover" side of the thingy, there's this absurd image of this guy's face. He's wide-eyed and his jaw is dropped. The blood vessels in his eyes have clearly been photoshopped out. Obviously, SBC Yahoo wishes to convey that this person is shocked at some aspect of SBC Yahoo's DSL service, perhaps the price or the speed or something. I'm rambling.

I think he looks like he's getting eviscerated.

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