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Tue, 02 Mar 2004

20:05 [zork(~/mrbad/orkut)] cat bloodbath.txt

Great Orkut Bloodbath

So, on Friday last, someone named "OrkutGuy" posted in the Orkut Design community about a new set of terms of service. Certain names were unacceptable, and mine ("Mr. Bad") was one of the examples.

So I got my service turned off on Monday morning. And, like, so what? Stupid Orkut. But it turns out tons of people are getting their asses kicked off orkut. So I'm not the only one. I guess they had a March 1st massacree.

Stupid Orkut. What do they care if people use pseudonyms? Ridiculous "real name" bull-honkey is what it is. I'd hope that by 2004 anyone who had the least bit of Internet savvy would have some kind of grasp of the fluidity of online identity.

I probably wouldn't have any fun on Orkut if I wasn't Mr. Bad. Nobody would know who I am. I've spent almost 10 years investing this identity with personality, connections, and reputation. I don't like being told that it's invalid.

Did I mention stupid Orkut?

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