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Tue, 31 May 2005

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It's an empty journey to triumph if you don't plant the seeds of catastrophe along the way

I believe that I have previously mentioned that all the philosophy I have ever needed I have learned from cartoons. So, I hope the lack of that one from laziness is only due to lag (my vote is to dump "Fudge Factor"). Anyway, I am persisting with GEB and am generally enjoying it. I don't buy the notion that there's any kind of common premise but taken as a simple discourse it is quite entertaining (if a little condescending). I enjoyed the Game Theory books more. My main evening read is a selection from the library's big P.K.Dick collection as I need to make the most of it while it is available.

I am no longer lying on the bed with my laptop as I post this. Instead the landlord has installed a few wireless reapeaters throughout the building so, while the strength is "poor", I haven't had to drag my desk over to the door to allow my PCI/PCMCIA adaptered card in my desktop to make contact. Hurray!

As a bizarre coincidence I noticed Mr. Neakums' post on 12 Monkeys after just having returned the library's (VHS) copy for the umpteenth time. My other selections had been the Director's version of Jackie Brown (worth tolerating Mr. Tarantino's rambling to see the very funny alternative opening) and the Director's version of In the Mood for Love. I need to borrow the latter again as I didn't make the most of it. I appreciated them including in the booklet the text of Liu Yi-Chang's Intersection / TĂȘte-BĂȘche which was the inspiration for the fillum.

Life has suddenly become interesting as I have an interview next Friday in Foster City. I don't know how to rate my chances but it would be perfect if I could land it. Current management have done many annoying things but one heartening thing to hear is that I have done a reasonable job as a supervisor so all of my technicians are considered in line for promotion. That would allow me to leave with a clear conscience.

So, provisionally, I am calling FNICNAFS for the 10th, or maybe I could do brunch on the 11th as the return flight isn't until the evening. I'll be south of BART but I can try and do something with SaMTrans or I'll get a taxi or shuttle. Anyone interested?

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