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Sun, 18 May 2003

06:37 [zork(~)] cat mailx.txt

Mail Is Hard

So, I'm hungover today and I still have bits of sam's hair in my socks, which is itchy. And my botheredness with mailx is getting me down.

So I'm begging someone to tell me: is there any way to trick <a href=''>mailx</a> into using my real email address instead of user@hostname? Some kind of env variable or .mailrc setting or something? Or is that just Wrong and Bad and not to be done?

It's not like I use mailx to do all my email stuff. I'm using a program (<a href="">arch</a>) that spawns off mailx for mail notification of, umm, _stuff_. So it's gotta be mailx, it's preferably an env var or config file setting, and it's gotta be easy.

Everyone do my homework for me.

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