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Sat, 07 Feb 2004

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So, I'm super-stupid for Sona right now. I even set up a wiki, the <a href="">Sona Uiki</a>. It actually turned out kinda nice. I got a free Website from <a href="">1 and 1</a> during some promotion they were doing, and I installed <a href="">PmWiki</a>, which may be the easiest wiki software of all time.

On top of this, Maj and I have been doing research on the language's author, <a href="">Kenneth Searight</a>. Searight was an English officer in India, a polyglot, a friend of E.M. Forster, C.K. Ogden, and G.L. Dickinson, a pederast and all around bad freak.

Anyways, we got intrigued about the guy, Maj started applying her super-librarian skills, and now we're going to <a href="">London</a> and <a href="">Cambridge</a> to do more research. How weird is that? We might write a book... we'll see.

Wed, 14 Jan 2004

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mi abu Sona

So, I'm a big fan of <a href="">constructed languages</a>. Like, y'know, <a href="">Esperanto</a> and stuff. Actually, I'm a big fan of all languages, but conlangs are fun and easy to learn since, being consciously authored by one or a few individuals, they lack that wild-eyed complexity that natural languages have. They just don't have that existentially nauseating feeling of something that exists beyond the human mind.

Where was I? Oh, yeah: I especially like <i>isolating</i> languages -- where the words of the language don't change for tense of verbs or case of nouns. And <i>agglutinative</i> ones -- where you build up words from smaller root parts (like "non-", "pro-", "-ly"). I guess I also am down with <i>minimal</i> languages -- languages with a really small set of root parts.

I was kind of into <a href="">toki pona</a> for a while, but then I got kinda bored by that language's primitivist mind-control. Screw you, toki pona! Stay outta my head! Then I started grooving on this <a href="">Earth Minimal</a> language instead. Just 220 words in the radical lexicon. But, y'know, it doesn't seem that well-thought-out. And the author is a serious crank. Yeah, you have to be a crank to make up a conlang, but not a real serious crank.

So <b>now</b> I'm totally digging on <a href="">Sona</a>. It's got 360 radicals, plus 15 particles, which, y'know, is not really all that much. It's short and sweet, but seems well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. I wrote myself a <a href="">language drill file</a> that works with the <kbd>quiz</kbd> program from <a href="">BSD games</a>. Soon I will be a genius of Sona! Bwahaha!

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