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Fri, 07 Jan 2005

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The wanderer returns

I'm back from my trip across the pond, just in time for the snow. There was actually a sprinkle on Christmas Day over there but it didn't hang around for very long. My aunt's funeral was okay. My uncle, who has for years been actively alienating himself from relatives and friends, has pissed off more people than ever. I'm worried that he'll now self-destruct. Christmas was quiet. Mum gave me a rather nice Waterman fountain pen. I now have it filled with undiluted carbon black ink and am gradually becoming comfortable with it. I should try it out for calligraphy as that is the only way I'll learn more characters. The wedding in Sligo was fun, as was the reception in Westport. The weather was as grey, wet and miserable as expected but the various aunts, uncles and cousins were as crazy as ever. Since holiday television was truly terrible (even the Beeb seems to reserve the good stuff for the satellite channels) I read a lot of books instead and walked all over the town. I bought some music in the sales - mostly material unlikely to appear in shops over here. Favourites are a Bonzo Dog Band boxed set, an Ian Dury album and a T Rex compilation. Not much else to report. All the best for 2005 y'all.

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