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Tue, 01 Mar 2005

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Sober reflection

So, I was trying to make an objective reappraisal of my previous post and started wondering if my mocking of creative writing courses was somewhat ironic considering some folk might consider online diaries to fall into much the same genre. Then I realised that this was just crazy thinking. The two formats are completely different and only the uninspired would think otherwise. Yeah. Definitely. Uh Huh.

The phone interview seemed to go okay. I always let myself down by not having prepared any canned questions for them and having to improvise wildly on the spot. Sooo... what's the food like in the cafeteria? Is the toilet tissue genuine two-ply? Can I surf the net for pr0n all day?

I managed to capture Palahniuk's Choke from the library but haven't started on it yet. I also grabbed a Zippy collection. Just scanning through it I can see that, a) Bill Griffith really really really really wants a film deal (really), and b) he becomes incensed when anyone else uses the phrase "Are we having fun yet?" (he spends an entire strip pounding on Garfield for doing this). This meta-theme is nearly as good as his general carping. I'm surprised he didn't explode when Coneheads came out.

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