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Mon, 14 Mar 2005

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And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water...

The recruiters are messing with my head at the moment. My plan for survival is just to push out the applications but to keep the hope level at a bare minimum. Work has its ups and downs. The new manager is actually trying to improve things but they are running into the intertia built up by the rest of management. As I mentioned before they are trying to placate me with a new job title but whenever they use it I am reminded of Andy Griffith being proud of the title "Permanent Latrine Orderly (PLO)" in No Time for Sergeants. I am tempted to try and acquire a Mc Donalds Happy Hat and inscribe it with my new moniker.

I was listening to a show on NPR and they used Take This Waltz as one of the tunes to support the piece. I was jogged into digging into my collection and listened to I'm Your Man for most of the week and then secured a Leonard Cohen compilation from the library.

My viewing has been quite diverse, Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (what a cast!) and Elf (James Caan?). Zhiwen has also been bringing me some fillums to improve my listening comprehension. I had loaned her 《苏州河》 and she declared it weird and so has loaned me 《绿茶》. This has a similar theme but a completely different style. Still very intriguing. Although Jiang Wen has been in three other films that I have seen I didn't recognise him at all.

Despite my claim in a previous post I haven't been reading Shakespeare. However, while digging in one of my boxes of books I did come across an anthology of John Donne's work and so have been browsing that. "Rave on thy holy fool" indeed.

"...but he himself was broken long before the sky would open..."

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